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Wednesday, 21 February

How Many Flashlights Does A Craftsman Need?

Every craftsman needs a flashlight. We use them on the job regularly, but there are so many more...
Com Construction worker art1
Wednesday, 14 February

The Latest Housing Trends 2018

There’s currently less than 1 in 5 households made of a typical nuclear married-with-children family. This is changing...
Comp Man Applying for a Job on the Internet art3
Wednesday, 07 February

How To Bust Job Search Burnout

If you’ve been looking for a job for an extended...
Safety helmets comp
Wednesday, 31 January

Are You Keeping Your Craftsmen Safe AND Healthy?

There’s a common misconception that safety and health are the...
Construction worker carrying girder on construction site comp
Wednesday, 24 January

Why You Should Quit that Office Job you Hate and Become a Craftsman

You don’t have to get a college degree or wear...
Concrete pouring during commercial concreting floors of building comp
Wednesday, 17 January

Exciting Innovations in Construction Materials

There are some amazing new innovations from around the world...
Young technician comp
Wednesday, 10 January

Great Entertainment (and Inspiration!) for Craftsmen

There are some great television, cable, and now online shows...
tall buildings under construction and cranes in New York City Art 4 comp
Wednesday, 27 December

Construction Continues To Grow In 2018

The construction industry has been growing with the healthy economy...
job searching process. 3D rendering. Art 3 comp
Wednesday, 20 December

Why You Should Dig Just 3 Feet Deeper

There’s a famous story retold by Napoleon Hill in Think...
Construction site
Wednesday, 13 December

Interesting (But Mostly Useless) Construction Facts

The construction industry has been around for a long time,...
Wednesday, 06 December

The Best Holiday Gifts You’ll Give This Year Are Made Of PVC Pipe

Let’s be honest, the best gifts usually can’t be found...