Our Story

Our Story is Building

We are Madden, an industrial staffing company that has been building business, craftsmen, and community for more than 30 years in the Pacific Northwest.

Madden Industrial Craftsmen is a local family-owned company with deep roots in the Northwest. Started by Ron Madden in 1988, the Madden family has continued to build its good reputation and focus on quality, pride, and craftsmanship. We continue to be a 100% family owned business located in the northwest, recognized by winning the Oregon State University Austin Family Business Award

We’re proud to be building with you

Our industrial business clients know that we provide the right match of employee to employment opportunity, the first time, every time. We respond quickly to our clients' short and long-term employment needs, with honesty and integrity throughout the process.
Our highly skilled pool of craftsmen know that we take the time to understand their skills and career goals in order to maximize their employment potential and compensation. We maintain mutual respect and open communication, expanding employee skills through training and job experience.

Build with us

We develop lifelong customer relationships and value our craftsmen employees as our most valuable resource. We are extremely proud of our extended Madden family, and invite you to be part of the team voted one of the 100 Best Companies in Oregon to work for.
Industry is our craft. Honesty and integrity is our promise. We are Madden.

Get building today.

Whether you’re looking to hire or work in an industrial position, Madden can help. We fill job openings efficiently, and can get you building quickly without spending as much time or effort in the hiring or job seeking process. Contact a Madden Staffing Solutions Specialist today!


Building Community is Essential 


As a champion of community-oriented initiatives, Madden has always been actively involved in the empowerment of underrepresented and historically disadvantaged groups.


Madden’s Role in the Community


As a family-owned business that’s been in operation since 1988, Madden has developed deep roots in the local area. We’ve always embraced the importance of giving back to individuals and organizations in our community, with special attention paid to those that are typically underrepresented in the trades industry. That’s why we actively support and encourage minorities, women, veterans, individuals struggling with homelessness, and at-risk youth – among other disadvantaged groups – to consider the trades industry as a path towards financial independence and economic stability.


It’s a core belief of the Madden tradition that communities can blossom through cooperation, mutual respect, and shared goals. We firmly believe that a community is only strong when ALL members are supported and empowered. That’s why we’ve been closely involved with some of the most impactful community-oriented programs and organizations since we first opened our doors to the public. These meaningful relationships continue to this day. We’re proud to consider ourselves a member of this wonderful community and will continue to do our part to help strengthen it.

The Work We Support


Here are some of programs, initiatives, and organizations we are very proud to support in their efforts at creating a more vibrant, connected, and flourishing community.


  • Urban League of Portland - One of the oldest social service and civil rights organizations in Oregon, focusing on empowering the area’s black communities.
  • Central City Concern - A non-profit focused on holistic strategies for ending homelessness and promoting self-sufficiency.
  • Homeplate Youth Services - A group dedicated to supporting youth struggling with housing instability by providing access to basic services, resources, and education.
  • Future Connect at PCC - A support program and scholarship designed to build future pathways for students who are first-generation or from low-income backgrounds.
  • Easter Seals of Oregon - A rehabilitation center helping over a million adults and children with disabilities to gain access to the resources they need to lead a fulfilling life.
  • Valeo Vocation - A community staffing project aimed at supporting those experiencing homelessness through the process of finding employment and long-term housing.
  • WorkSource - A combination of non-profit, state, and local organizations that offers a variety of training and employment services to local job seekers.
  • TERO - A vocational training center focusing on providing Native Americans and families with technical training to improve job prospects.
  • Women in Construction - A workforce organization promoting the involvement of women in the construction industry with support, education, and community programs.
  • WorkSource Veterans - A group of organizations dedicated to helping veterans improve their applications, navigate the job market, and ultimately find meaningful work.
  • Pioneer Human Service - A non-profit offering training, employment, and housing to individuals recently released from the penal system and those in the process of recovery.
  • Housing Hope - An organization providing affordable housing options to help individuals and families overcome housing instability.
  • Trade Act - A government program designed to help workers who are experiencing unemployment or potential job loss due to US trade laws that negatively impact their industry.
  • National Health Emergency Dislocation Worker Demonstrate - A grant designed to help communities and individuals who are negatively impacted by the opioid crisis.
  • Refugee Immigrant Services - An organization dedicated to helping refugees and immigrants established themselves successfully in their new communities.