Why should I use your service instead of filling the position on my own?

  • Save time. Madden can alleviate the time burden for you by simplifying and speeding up the process of finding the right employee. Our staffing professionals stay connected with qualified candidates so when the need arises, we can fill your position quickly. We can also help you assess your hiring needs and the associated costs for personnel.
  • Access to talent. Madden targets both active and passive job seekers, works hard to cultivate those relationships, and, as a result, has an extensive database of experienced individuals.
  • Less risk. Our temp-to-permanent program provides an opportunity for you to work alongside the individual before deciding to hire them to a permanent position.
  • Less stress. We take away the stress of recruiting and sorting through resumes so you can focus on producing quality work and building your business.

What kind of jobs do you fill?

Madden handles all areas of industrial staffing, including: journeyman carpenters, construction laborers, machinists, building maintenance, electricians, industrial laborers, welders, pipe fitters, mechanics, millwrights, HVAC, CAD drafters, CAD designers, warehouse and light industrial workers, project managers, and engineers.

What if I am not satisfied with an employee placed by Madden Industrial Craftsmen?

Madden realizes that not every job is a fit for every person, and sometimes that is not clear until the new employee is actually on the job. Madden’s temporary-to-permanent program provides an opportunity for you to evaluate an employee in the work setting and determine if they will be someone you want to hire for a permanent position. If you are not satisfied with an employee, we will replace them or negotiate an appropriate rate. We also offer direct placement services; guarantees will vary based on the contract for each client.

What kind of background checks do you provide?

Every applicant is reference checked based on the work history provided by the applicant. Some clients request a drug screen, driving record screen or criminal background check, which can be provided by Madden on request. These additional background check services can be coordinated through Madden for an additional fee.

How long will it take to have an employee in our company?

The time frame for successfully finding an employee for you will vary based on our current employee base and your specific needs.

What is the process for finding employees through Madden Industrial Craftsmen?

Our search and recruitment efforts begin immediately. After completion of the Credit Application (for new clients) and/or job request (existing clients), the assigned staffing professional at Madden will obtain the details of the position from you so we can provide the most qualified applicants for your needs. By clearly understanding your needs and the requirements of the position we can select those candidates that are the best fit for the job and company.

Once the credit application is complete, and you have provided wage information and a detailed job description for the position, we will provide a rate letter to you and provide information on our services and our policies.

How much does a staffing provider cost my company?

Over the years, Madden has supported a wide variety of clients. Through this experience, our staffing professionals have learned that each company has varied needs that cannot be solved by a one size fits all approach. The consistent theme in the staffing process is the need for qualified, reliable employees, which are prescreened and available to go to work within tight time frames. Madden specialize in providing its clients with solutions to their individual needs.

Because every staffing need differs, Madden does not have a standard rate sheet, per se. Madden will provide you with position rates once our staffing professionals understand your specific needs.