Madden finds you job opportunities, so that you can build your career.

More than 30 years of building deep relationships and filling jobs with the companies most sought after to work for means Madden is able to personally introduce you to the best employers in your field. Madden is your one stop to best represent your talents directly to those who make the key hiring decisions that will best fit your skills and get you hired!

Be part of the team voted top 100 to work for in Oregon.

This is my craft, I Am Madden

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Get the industrial job that fits your skills and career goals.

Applying for jobs at a variety of different employers takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort to be matched up to the right environment that needs your talent and skills. The job application process can be overwhelming, especially when there’s multiple applications and employers to follow up with.

More benefits for our craftsmen include:

Find the position that fits you
Flexibility for your lifestyle
Rewarding compensation
Competitive benefits
Safety and job training
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Industries that match your specialty including:

Welders, warehouse workers, millwrights, heavy equipment operators, maintenance technicians, mechanics, construction laborers, maintenance workers, carpenters, project engineers, construction laborers, project managers, CAD operators, machinists, HVAC personnel, draftsmen, Journeyman level electricians, low voltage electricians, CNC and lathe operators, and machine programmers.
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Get building today.

If you’re ready to work in a new industrial job, Madden can help. We fill job openings efficiently, and can get you building quickly and save time and effort in the searching process. Contact a Madden Staffing Solutions Specialist today!

Craftsmen News

Get the latest on industry trends, tips on finding great jobs and talented craftsmen, and more advice and resources for industrial staffing in the Pacific Northwest.

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