Midsection of construction worker wearing tool belt at site-cm
Wednesday, 22 November

Mastering the Art of the Toolbelt: How to Stay Organized on the Job Site

The toolbelt is a mini-arsenal of essential equipment. It keeps a craftsman’s most prized tools within arm’s reach...
Carpenter wearing leather tool belt with hand tools in front of American flag-cm
Wednesday, 08 November

Combat to Career: How Veterans Can Successfully Transition to a Civilian Profession

Active duty members of the military face immense challenges that the rest of the citizenry will never fully...
Hands of recruiter holding resume in front of candidate at desk-cm
Wednesday, 18 October

Crafting the Perfect Resume: Follow These 6 Tips to Stand Out in the Application Process

It’s no secret that most craftsmen can’t stand putting together...
Mechanic cleaning tools in box-cm
Wednesday, 04 October

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Tools

Your tools are with you through thick and thin. They...
Caucasian worker hammering wood at construction site-cm (1)
Wednesday, 20 September

Craftsmen Swag: Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe

Craftsmen have a lot of strengths. Highly specialized skills, mental...
Tools in the garage-cm
Wednesday, 06 September

What Your Workshop Says About You

The workshop is more than just a craftsman’s favorite place....
Happy businessman writing on whiteboard during business presentation in the office.-cm
Wednesday, 23 August

How to Advance Your Craftsman Career: 6 Effective Tips

Craftsmen build a lot of impressive things. From massive skyscrapers...
Roofer worker in special protective work wear and gloves.-cm
Wednesday, 09 August

Hard vs Soft Skills: What It Takes to Succeed As a Craftsman

Craftsmen bring various skills to the job site. Still, a...
Hand holding wooden mallet-cm
Wednesday, 19 July

Hard-Hitting Facts About the History of the Hammer

The hammer is humanity’s oldest and most trusted tool. This...
Laser level gauge for measuring green light on a construction site for outdoor construction of a house with masonry walls of a house-cm
Wednesday, 05 July

Things That Should Be On Your Craftsman Wish List

Whether it’s your birthday, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or...
A male electrician works in a switchboard with an electrical connecting cable-cm
Wednesday, 21 June

How to Maximize Your Earnings in the Construction Industry

The construction industry suffers from a widespread assumption among the...