The Best Craftsmen Holidays

Monday, 06 May
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Craftsmen are famous for their nose-to-the-grindstone attitudes and get-the-job-done mentality. It’s this commitment to the craft that gives titans of the toil more reason to look forward to the holidays than the average person. After all, when most of the year is spent creating, building, and shaping, these brief moments of celebration come 100% guilt-free. While there’s something to love about every holiday, a handful stick out as favorites amongst the craftsman community. These are the best craftsman holidays.

Memorial Day

There’s a deep, time-honored link between craftsmen and military members. For centuries, the trades have helped veterans to successfully transition to a civilian profession given the shared sense of camaraderie, purpose, and duty inherent in each vocation. When Memorial Day rolls around, craftsmen are proud to tip their hard hats to their uniformed brothers and sisters for their selfless sacrifices. Whether they’re serving, retired, or working in the trades, military members will feel the appreciation and gratitude from craftsmen on Memorial Day.

Fourth of July

Backyard cookouts, pyrotechnic displays, and a healthy dash of patriotism…what’s not to love about the 4th of July? Craftsmen flourish during this fun, low-pressure holiday where they trade their welding gloves for grilling mitts and toolbelts for aprons. You’ll be brimming with pride as you show off that new backyard patio as friends and family shower you with compliments about your barbecuing chops.

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Labor Day

Labor Day isn’t just another free day; it’s the craftsman holiday. The entire country takes a moment to salute the dedication and contributions of American laborers who keep the gears of the American machine churning. This holiday is a solid reminder of why you should be proud to be a craftsman. So, go ahead, kick up those boots, and bask in the glory of a job well done. You’ve earned it. If you’re clocking in on Labor Day, let it be a badge of honor – a testament to the relentless grind and undefeatable grit that define craftsmen.


Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey and trimmings (although you’ll have no shortage of either). Turkey Day is the time to give thanks for the things that truly matter in life – like that pristinely organized workshop or that brand-spanking new tree trimmer. In all seriousness, that fourth Thursday of November gives craftsmen a chance to count the fruits of their hard work including a roof overhead, loving friends and family, and a satisfying job. Plus, you get to eat as much as you want without feeling guilty!


Christmas tops the list of the best craftsmen holidays, but not for reasons most might expect. While everyone else cozies up next to the yule log with cutout cookies and a mug of hot chocolate, craftsmen are showing holiday cheer in their unique way. They might be putting the final touches on handmade gifts, knocking out a last-minute home project, or braving the cold to get those Christmas lights just right. Make sure you leave enough time to put that craftsman wishlist together!

New Year’s

Craftsmen don’t let the glitz and glam of New Year’s distract from the work ahead. Whether you’re tearing it up on the dancefloor or taking it easy on the recliner, New Year’s is the perfect opportunity to create a blueprint for the future you want to build. Maybe you want to advance your career, improve aspects of your personal life, or finally tackle that long-neglected DIY project. When you’re toasting to future goals with a glass of champagne in those calloused paws, you’ll mean what you say. 

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