How to Advance Your Craftsman Career: 6 Effective Tips

Wednesday, 23 August
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Craftsmen build a lot of impressive things. From massive skyscrapers and expansive tunnels to intricate and futuristic equipment, there’s nothing a talented craftsman can’t bring to life. However, the most challenging construction feat you’ll face spans various roles, countless job sites, and several decades. We’re talking about building your dream career! Following these strategies can advance your professional life in the right direction.

1.   Set clear objectives.

Imagine stepping onto a job site with the most talented team members, the latest technological advancements, and the best tools money can buy. The catch? You don’t have any instructions. Even with all these valuable resources, you wouldn’t achieve much at all. The same is true when building your career. Setting clear goals gives you direction, purpose, and clarity. It allows you to make informed decisions that bring you closer to those objectives. Studies have even shown that setting goals increases your chances of success by 43%.

2.   Hone your skills.

As a craftsman, you understand what it means to go the extra mile, overcome obstacles, and get the job done. No matter your area of specialization, you know there’s always room for improvement. You should take that same follow-through mentality when mastering your current abilities. Employers don’t just want to see that you’re capable of a given skill set. They’re invested in finding craftsmen with expertise and mastery. You’ll be able to demand higher positions, better compensation, and improved benefits when your skills are fully developed.

3.   Learn in-demand skills.

There’s no guarantee that the skills you have now will remain in demand in the future. The needs of the industry are always changing as new challenges arise and new technologies develop. The key to staying ahead is to pursue in-demand skills. Nobody knows for sure what the industrial landscape will look like in the future, but you can stay ahead of the trends by following experts, attending events, subscribing to magazines, and routinely checking job boards. With in-demand skills, you’ll be able to offer the most value no matter where you’re at in your career.

4.   Know your value.

Craftsmen should take pride in their work, but that doesn’t mean they’re show-offs. In fact, many craftsmen are hesitant to even talk about their skills. While honorable off the job site, this modesty can actually hurt a craftsman’s career advancement. Knowing your value makes it easier to find the right gigs and turn down the wrong offers. How do you know your value exactly? Well, it’s a combination of your skillset, experience, education, and previous compensation. There’s no hard-and-fast equation. It’s more about having a general idea of what you should pursue in your career.

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5.   Find gigs that meet your goals.

What do you consider when looking for a new gig? If you’re like most people, you probably focus on pay, benefits, and scheduling. All these factors are relevant, but you can’t forget to think long-term. You should strive to find positions that push you closer to your overall career goals. In the beginning, you might seek out experience to specialize in a particular area. Later on in your career, you might prioritize upward mobility. Regardless, you should make sure the next job you take is a stepping stone toward your next objective. 

6.   Work with a staffing specialist.

Craftsmen understand the importance of specialization better than most people. You know that the person with the most experience and knowledge will produce the best results. Well, what’s true on the job site is also true in the job search. Working with a staffing specialist can significantly advance your career by helping you land the most rewarding and best-fitting roles. You’ll save valuable time, energy, and money while building your dream career one step at a time.

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