Leading By Example: 6 Qualities Craftsmen Pass On to The Next Generation

Wednesday, 04 May
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Craftsmen are a truly unique breed of professionals. They bring a highly specific set of skills to the job, many of which aren’t common among the general public. Naturally, the valuable characteristics demonstrated by craftsmen are passed on to their children through actions and instruction. Here, we’ll explore some of the qualities these professionals instill in the next generation.

1.   Teamwork

Alone, craftsmen are powerful. Together, they’re unstoppable. In the construction industry, it’s necessary to work together with a team to accomplish a common goal. On the job site, there’s a special feeling of camaraderie and connection that’s tough to find in any other line of work. The abilities to set aside differences, communicate effectively, work well with others, and achieve a shared objective are all qualities inherent in being able to work as a team. Craftsmen teach their children the importance of being team players as they grow up.

2.   Self-Improvement 

Craftsmen are constantly challenging their knowledge, skills, and capabilities on the job site. They understand that the key to improving their abilities is to take on difficult tasks. Through constant advancement, craftsmen can reach higher levels in their careers by bringing more to the table. This willingness to embrace new challenges as means toward self-improvement is an invaluable characteristic that kids of craftsmen will have growing up. Self-improvement is yet another reason why professionals should be proud to be craftsmen.

3.   Perseverance

Things don’t always go according to plan on the job site. And life is no different. The trick isn’t avoiding the tough times, it’s learning how to push through them. Whether it’s an unexpected delay, terrible weather conditions, or any other kind of setback, craftsmen know the importance of accepting challenges and continuing on towards their goals anyway. This resilience is one of the most important qualities to pass down to children so they can handle inevitable difficulties with determination and grace.

4.   Hard Work

In the 21st century, hard work isn’t really appreciated. Craftsmen are the exception to the rule in this case as these hard-working professionals understand the meaning of an honest day’s work more than the general population. There’s an indescribable feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from putting your nose to the grindstone and getting something done. Strong work ethic is being kept alive today because of the indomitable craftsmen who make a living out of it. There’s no question their children will benefit from having the ability and appreciation to put in the work to achieve their goals.

5.   Leadership

There are times when craftsmen – no matter their rank or position – take the lead to guide the rest of the team towards a common goal. The key to being a great leader is knowing when to take the helm and when to stand back. On the job site, there’s an ever-changing dynamic among team members, and craftsmen become experts at judging when it’s appropriate to take the lead over the years. This skill is undoubtedly imparted to the kids of craftsmen who will benefit from knowing how and when to guide others.

6.   Problem-Solving

There’s no way to escape problems on the job site or in life. No amount of planning, preparation, or risk aversion will save you from having to deal with obstacles on the way toward your goals. Instead of shying away from these difficult issues, craftsmen get busy trying to find a viable solution. Problem-solving skills are taught through action more than anything, so craftsmen are constantly showing the next generation how to deal constructively with challenges. This ensures kids approach obstacles with a can-do attitude rather than feeling defeated.

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