Employers need more talented trades workers, and workers are looking for steady jobs that pay well. The Madden Apprenticeship Program helps both employers and workers!


Madden Industrial Craftsmen, a leading industrial staffing firm, is putting the next generation of trades workers on the MAP.

The Madden Apprenticeship Program is the first-ever registered apprenticeship program managed by a staffing agency, creating a pool of workers with a variety of skill sets.


Business is booming but you’re having a hard time finding tradespeople?

Employers are able to build a highly-skilled, highly-productive workforce, like never before.

Registered apprenticeship programs usually take extensive time and resources to create and manage. Now businesses have access to Madden’s apprenticeship license. These benefits significantly reduce the cost to businesses for participating in apprenticeship training.

Madden handles payroll, HR administration, skills verification, soft-skills screening, education tracking and payroll - giving manufacturers of all sizes the ability to offer apprenticeships. Employers no longer need to implement a 5 year program on their own, you can simply hire apprentices when you need them.

Additional benefits for the manufacturer are…

A highly skilled employee
No training start-up costs
Reduced turnover costs
The ability to pull in extra apprentices when needed
More productivity and flexibility
Attentive worker


Registered apprenticeship is a job with good wages. All apprentices enter employment when they begin an apprenticeship program, and they receive automatic incremental raises as their skill levels increase. Apprentices advance through a structured program that gives on the job training paired with college level courses.

If a manufacturer faces a downturn or layoff, Madden places employees with other clients, which means a wider range of on-the-job training for the worker. All while building their journey level certification and earning national, industry-recognized credential towards an associate degree.


Additional benefits for the apprentice are…

A good wage that automatically increases with skills
Practical on-the-job training
Credentials can be used anywhere across the country
High employee retention rate
Wider range of occupations and industry skills
Experience for jobs that are in high demand
Associate degree earned can be applied for first 2 years college

Apprenticeship News

Get the latest on industry trends, tips on finding great jobs and talented craftsmen, and more advice and resources for industrial staffing in the Pacific Northwest.

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