Madden Industrial Craftsmen Proudly Sponsors the CTE Construction Olympics

Monday, 22 April
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As Beaverton natives, the leadership at Madden Craftsmen has always maintained strong ties to the community. We’re proud supporters of local projects, especially those aimed at developing and strengthening the industrial sector and the hard-working professionals therein. After hearing about the upcoming CTE Construction Olympics, we were excited to learn more about it, find out how we could help, and spread the word to potential participants.

Beaverton’s Industrial Focus

The Beaverton School District hosts some of the most comprehensive, robust, and effective Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in the country. These technical programs – provided at various high schools, career centers, and community colleges – equip students with practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and foundational skills for rewarding careers in various industrial trades such as construction, engineering, automotive, and manufacturing. With decades of experience in the industrial sector, we’ve felt the positive impact of these programs firsthand. They lead to more satisfied employers, happier craftsmen, and a more productive local industrial sector.

CTE Construction Olympics

The Construction Olympics is an annual competition put on by the Beaverton School District to showcase the skills of CTE students across the region. This year, the competition is being held at the Merlo Station High School on May 10. Participants will be from a variety of home school campuses as well as Mountainside and Aloha High Schools. More specifically, the competition is for students from Construction Tech programs.

During the event, students are put through a series of challenges to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the year. Furthermore, the design of the competition encourages cooperation among students, underscoring the importance of collaboration in the field. Some of the tested areas include:

  • Safety
  • Ergonomic materials handling
  • Estimating from Blueprints
  • Bricklaying
  • Wire pulling
  • And much, much more

A variety of industry partners, parents of participants, and other supporters will fill the audience. There’s a team of evaluators that will judge the performance and assign places. The Construction Olympics gives students a unique opportunity to test their skills in a real-life work environment while collaborating with other like-minded young professionals.

Community Led, Community Funded

The CTE Construction Olympics, along with other BSD-backed programs, are largely sponsored by the community. Everyone from nonprofits and businesses to individuals and beyond has contributed to making this event a reality. We’re happy to announce that the Beaverton School District has far exceeded its fundraising goal for the Construction Olympics. Now, they have all the resources needed to host the event successfully so young adults in the industrial sector can hone their skills, collaborate with eventual colleagues, and learn the importance of teamwork on the job site.

The Beaverton Education Foundation kindly recognized Madden Craftsmen as the first donator on their Facebook page. We’re happy to see what talent is showcased at the Construction Olympics this year! We encourage CTE students to sign up to compete or cheer on their fellow classmates and for industrial employers to attend to see what talent is on the horizon.

Building Craftsmen, Companies, and Community

Over 30 years ago, Madden Craftsmen got its start in Beaverton, Oregon. Although we’ve expanded across the Pacific Northwest and as far as Texas, we maintain a strong connection and commitment to our origins. We’re still headquartered in Beaverton, and we’re always looking for ways to help improve the careers of local craftsmen, the trajectory of local businesses, and the success of the overall community.

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