The Modern Craftsman

Male architect photographing construction site cm

The quintessential craftsman has an appreciation for excellence and precision in his work. And in this hurried internet age, the pursuit of mastering and honing a craft has become a rare endeavor. Because of that, we at Madden have noticed a growing demand for the men and women who never stop striving to get better and better at their work. Here are some of the characteristics that make you a more coveted craftsman today:


Artistry in your work comes from a combination of hard earned inspiration and your personal perspective and taste. You never fail to put your own sweat and tears into the final result.



You might work with your hands, but you embrace new technologies and ways of enhancing your process. You know that when things are more efficient, you’re able to be more creative.



You do one thing and you’re the best at it. You’ve got a unique talent that not many people have. People associate you with your specialty, and readily tell other people about your incomparable expertise.



You have an appreciation for bare bones honesty in your work and in your word. Simplicity and clarity rules over cleverness. Your focus on keeping it uncluttered and uncomplicated makes room for the beauty of your craft.



You love the challenge and the fulfilment of pure effort. You’re in it for the long haul and take the time to build it to your standards. There’s no shortcuts in the quest for greatness.


If you’re looking for a place or project that appreciates your uncommon talents, call Madden today! We work with employers that are looking for modern craftsmen like you.