6 Essentials of Winter Fashion Every Construction Worker Needs

Wednesday, 07 December
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As winter sets in, that means a new change of wardrobe for craftsmen. While you’re relatively limited with what you can wear on the job site, you’ve got free reign everywhere else. So, take advantage of it!  Whether you’re grilling outdoors, hitting the town, or simply hanging around the house, these winter fashion essentials will keep you toasty and trendy.

1.   Multiple Flannel Shirts

Flannel is the quintessential winterwear for craftsmen. While it’s easy to bemoan such a trendy look, the history of flannel actually positions craftsmen as the originators of the style. The history is a bit murky but experts think a bunch of hard-working Welsh textile workers were looking for something toasty, moisture-wicking, and downright comfortable. It’s safe to say these crafty Welshmen were successful! The best way to pay homage to these craftsmen forebearers is to stack your closet with at least a few flannel shirts. You’ll have no trouble finding a pattern or colorway that suits your personal style.

2.   Classic Leather Boots

There’s a plethora of stylish leather boots that have been inspired by the craftsman aesthetic, especially for colder weather. They range from dressy boots you could wear for an evening out to more practical boots that provide a bit more protection from cold temperatures and wet conditions. Every craftsman needs at least one pair of classic leather boots for their winter wardrobe. They’re comfortable, timeless, and durable. You don’t even have to give a second thought to mixing and matching since they literally go with everything.

3.   A Stylish Scarf

You might not be caught dead wearing a scarf on the job site, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sport this look everywhere else. Scarves trap heat by preventing air from escaping from the top of your jacket. Not to mention, they look great with virtually any winter look. If you’re braving a blizzard with a bulky winter coat or wearing a light jacket on a mild day, a scarf can really complete the look. Plus, it’s a cinch to find a pattern, color, and style that matches your craftsman creativity.

4.   Any Kind of Beanie

When you step off the job site, swap your hard hat for a comfortable beanie to keep your head and ears toasty. There are designs, colors, and materials to match your personal preferences. Whether you want to rep your favorite sports team, make a bold fashion statement, or grab a neutral design that goes with everything, there are more than enough beanies on the market to get the job done. Heck, you might even start wearing it on the job site when working outside.

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5.   A Long Jacket

Some of the coolest people in cinematic history dawned long coats ranging from Neo and Sherlock Holmes to Inspector Gadget and pretty much every other Wild West character. The average craftsman might not know the difference between a duster, chesterfield, trenchcoat, or crombie, but we know they look awesome. At the end of the day, that’s half the battle when it comes to picking out a new winter outfit. Plus, long coats come with a host of functional advantages including heat insulation, moisture resistance, and more pocket space than some toolboxes.

6.   Knitwear

Knitwear is another winter fashion essential for craftsmen. It just feels right to be wearing something that’s handmade (or at least that looks handmade). Better yet, the material is cozy, breathable, and warm. Sweaters are among the more iconic knitwear items for winter, but you’ll be able to find nearly anything in the same material and design such as socks, cardigans, hats, and even some jackets.

Craftsmen often struggle to find consistent work in wintertime when compared to other times of the year. At Madden Craftsmen, we specialize in helping qualified construction professionals find rewarding work with local PNW businesses no matter the season. Feel free to visit our job search for the latest openings.

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