Why You Should Be Proud to Be a Craftsman

Wednesday, 04 August
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Craftsmen are a different breed. They’re just built a little different than other professionals. This is partially due to their individual personalities and partially due to the uniqueness of the industry. For all of the perks of working as a craftsman, one of the best advantages is the feeling of satisfaction that comes with the work. You don’t do it often, so let’s take a few minutes to toot your own horn. Here, we’ll take a look at a few reasons why you should be proud to be a craftsman.

The work you do matters.

As a craftsman, you provide the economy with a strong and dependable foundation that positively impacts all other industries. From commercial and residential buildings to roads and bridges and everything in between, craftsmen build structures that are essential to the functioning of the economy overall. In 2020 alone, the United States invested 1.36 trillion in the construction industry to ensure everything continues running smoothly in other sectors. With a tangible impact on the daily lives of others, it’s hard not to feel good about what you do.

You’re staying active and healthy.

When your friends complain about sore backs, work-related stress, toxic workspaces, and terrible bosses, you can’t contribute much to the conversation. Your day-to-day looks so much different as a craftsman. You’re working on your feet, spending a lot of time outside, bonding with your team, and actually enjoying what you do – something that sounds impossible to most professionals today. While other jobs take a negative toll on you, working as a craftsman actually improves your overall health.

Not everyone can do what you do.

With competitive salaries, a great work atmosphere, and endless job opportunities, why aren’t more people signing up to become craftsmen? Simply put, not everyone can handle the job you do. Some people would rather sit behind a desk and avoid physical work altogether. This would explain the current labor shortage despite the growing demand for construction-related jobs. As the old saying goes, “it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.” You’re that somebody, but the only difference is that you actually enjoy the work. That’s definitely something you should be proud of.

You make something out of nothing.

The feats you achieve as a craftsman amaze the average person. With just a few raw materials and specialized tools, you’re capable of creating something functional, stylish, and high-quality. That’s the definition of creating something from nothing, and it’s really impressive. For passersby, your work is like magic. For you, it’s just another day on the job. You bring a unique set of skills to the table that not everyone can provide. Even if you’re not the boastful type, that’s got to instill some pride in you.

You’re part of something bigger than yourself.

Competitiveness can be a healthy and even an enjoyable part of a job when it’s delivered in minor doses. It becomes detrimental both to you and the quality of your work when it’s the dominating characteristic of a work environment. The collaborative nature of construction work lends itself to an atmosphere of camaraderie, connectivity, and inclusivity. Instead of feeling like your coworkers are out to get you, you know they’ve got your back and you’ve got theirs. That sense of teamwork comes with a bit of pride.

The job is rewarding.

As much as you enjoy complaining about work every once in a while, you’ve got it pretty darn good in this industry. Craftsmen can start earning right out of high school, there’s no shortage of work opportunities, and pay increases as your skills develop. You should take pride in the quality of life that your work provides. In fact, a survey of over 30,000 people found that craftsmen were among the happiest employees.

Whether you’re looking to make a career switch or you’re in between work, head over to IamMadden.com for an updated list of competitive job opportunities in your area. Madden Craftsmen helps connect talented craftsmen with well-established construction employers. If you’re not qualified yet, consider signing up for our apprenticeship program. Let’s build something.

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