Carpenter wearing leather tool belt with hand tools in front of American flag-cm
Wednesday, 08 November

Combat to Career: How Veterans Can Successfully Transition to a Civilian Profession

Active duty members of the military face immense challenges that the rest of the citizenry will never fully...
USA flag with helmet and construction tools. Happy Labor day.-cm
Wednesday, 08 June

Skills That Make Veterans Perfect Candidates for the Construction Industry

Military members face no shortage of danger, challenges, and struggles when putting their lives in the line to...
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Wednesday, 23 March

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for a New Career

Whether you’re fresh out of school looking for a rewarding...
Closeup of carpenter wearing old fashion toolbelt standing in front of American flag -cm
Wednesday, 23 June

Why the Construction Industry is an Ideal Career Path for Veterans

According to the Department of Defense, around 200,000 servicemembers transition...
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Wednesday, 17 March

Top 4 Seattle Fishing Holes

There’s nothing quite like getting lost in the great outdoors...
Cooking Steaks and Kabobs on a Backyard BBQ in the Middle of Winter-cm
Wednesday, 16 December

Outdoor Grilling In The Cold Winter

Have you been craving a barbequed steak lately? We are...
Hard work. Construction worker in protective helmet feeling back pain while working at construction site. Building construction. Pain concept-cm
Wednesday, 04 November

Relieving Back Aches & Pains from a Construction Job

There were over 199,000 construction injuries in 2018, according to...
Construction Worker's Pick-up Truck
Wednesday, 15 January

5 Tools You Need In The Back of Your Truck

Tools don’t just get a job done, they solve problems!...
Wednesday, 11 December

5 Classic Gifts For Craftsmen

Looking for a good gift for the craftsman in your...
Wednesday, 20 November

How Craftsmen Use Their Tools on Thanksgiving

Tools aren’t just good on a job site – they’re...
Wednesday, 30 October

Military-Friendly Craftsmen Careers

If you’re a vet, you’ll make a great craftsman! And...