Top 4 Seattle Fishing Holes

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There’s nothing quite like getting lost in the great outdoors to recharge the batteries after a long stint on the job. With all of the natural beauty surrounding Seattle, there’s no shortage of great fishing spots. There’s something relaxing about being outside, listening to the sounds of nature, breathing in the fresh air, and taking in the wonder of the northwest. It might be home to you, but you never take it for granted. And whether you’re an experienced angler or just getting into the hobby, there are some great spots to hit. Whenever you get a short break from work and you want to clear your headspace, consider heading to these top four Seattle fishing spots.

Lake Washington

If you’re living in or near the downtown area and don’t have a ton of time off work, Lake Washington is an excellent choice. It’s close enough to Seattle for a quick day-trip but still far enough to give you the relaxation and calmness that only the good ol’ outdoors can offer. And with over 40 species of fish – including steelhead and cutthroat trout, sockeye salmon, yellow perch, and more – just waiting to take the bait, this Seattle fishing hole is one of the most diverse in the area. You can fish on the lake any time, although there are different seasons for certain fish. If you’re looking for great fishing and great views, set up shop on Reverend Murphy Fishing Pier for stunning views of Mt. Rainier. Don’t forget a cooler full of cold drinks and satisfying snacks!

Green Lake

This gorgeous lake sits just a 22-minute drive from downtown Seattle. Teeming with a variety of fish year-round – including brown trout, rainbow trout, carp, catfish, and largemouth bass – Green Lake is one of the best trout fishing spots near the city. If you’re bringing along some buddies or you’re looking for a more social fishing experience, the popularity of Green Lake won’t disappoint. You’ll have no problem striking up conversations with fellow anglers, and you might even be able to score a few pointers from the more experienced of the bunch. You can cast-out from the shore, take your own boat, or grab a rental at the lake.

Lake Sammamish

If you’re looking for a Seattle fishing hole that’s close to the city but still feels like a getaway, Lake Sammamish is your spot. It’s well-known throughout the area for its bass fishing but still offers some other angling options throughout the year. Fish here enough and you might catch yourself some large-mouth bass although their small-mouth cousins are more common. There are plenty of beaches along the shore to cast a line from but there’s nothing better than the open water if you’ve got your own boat. When you’re not fishing, you can wander around the nearly 5,000-acres of Lake Sammamish State Park. This is a great spot for the family too!

South Fork of the Skykomish River

If you can sneak away for the weekend or during an extended vacation, head to the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest for some of the best river fishing near Seattle. With stunning 360 views of the nearby mountains, this spot has even been dubbed a State Scenic Waterway. The South Fork of the river is overflowing with varieties of trout including bull, cutthroat, and rainbow. If you’re willing to drive a little over an hour away from downtown, you’ll have a truly isolated spot to throw out a line and relax. Keep in mind that steelhead and salmon are protected in these areas, so fishing them isn’t allowed.

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