Show Your Confidence With Body Language


Showing that you’re confident and comfortable with yourself is one of the best skills in life, whether you’re looking for a job, date, or success of any kind. Confidence really does start on the inside, so start by being self-aware and unafraid to simply be the man that you are. However, body language can help you demonstrate this confidence to others, and it can also help reinforce and build confidence within you. Here are some great ways to use body language to show you are confident:

Open Stance

Stand up with good posture and keep your chest open. You may even consider putting your hands behind your back. This is a signal that you are extremely commanding yet it’s not threatening because, if you think about it, you’re actually physically vulnerable. When your hands are at your side or behind your back, it shows that you are open and ready to handle anything.


Unhurried Walk

The way you carry yourself when you walk will reveal if you are sure of yourself. Walk at a calm pace, without stress or worry. You’re demonstrating a sure steady control. You may even see others slowing down to match your speed. That’s when you know they see and feel your confidence.


Eye contact

When you greet someone, and when you shake hands, look them in the eyes. Smile, and say something to make them feel welcome. If you’re talking with a group, look around, connect with one or two people and hold a gaze into their eyes for just a second. It shows your interest in them, as well as your self-assurance.


Say less, listen more

Confident people don’t talk a lot. They listen carefully to what people say, so that they can truly connect and make them feel understood. It’s more important to express yourself in other ways, such as facial expressions, nodding, and body language outlined here. It’s more important to be consistent and sure with what you say instead.


Don’t be negative!

Be positive! A confident man does not complain or blame everyone else for his problems. Find solutions and believe and encourage other people to do the same. Speak as highly of others as you do for yourself.


Be your best self

Confident people know themselves well, and it reflects in their style and manner. They know what looks good on them, and what their preferences are. And it’s okay to be different! It shows strength and character.  Be willing to stand out against everyone else in your appearance and opinions – as long as it’s authentic to you.


If you’re NOT confident, it will show in your face – and no amount of body language can hide that! Madden can help you feel confident with your next job search, so give us a call if you’re looking for a new position! We’re always looking for talented craftsmen like you.