Outdoor Grilling In The Cold Winter

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Have you been craving a barbequed steak lately? We are too! So go on now… get out that grill! You don’t have to wait until summer. Of all people that know how to survive working in the elements, it’s a good craftsman. We already keep ourselves going on a cold jobsite… so grilling should be a piece of cake! Here are some tips to make it even easier to get that authentic barbeque into your dinner tonight:


Get Enough Fuel

Food takes longer to cook in the cold, so you’re gonna burn through more fuel. Plus, if you have a gas grill, your propane won’t burn as efficiently either. And if you prefer coal, make sure the bag of charcoal is being stored in a cool, dry corner of your shed or garage.


Clean Your Grill

Grease and other food drippings will clog burner gas ports, making your food cook unevenly – plus it makes it difficult to light in the first place! Even small amounts of dripping on grates, burners, and the grill’s exterior can attract rodents and insects. So get that baby cleaned up! Turn on the grill to get all that grease burned off the grill and burners, then remove grease from the briquettes and burners with a soft bristled brush and dishsoap. Note that a smoky buildup on the inside walls and under the cover will give your food flavor during grilling, so that’s one area you may want to leave alone.


Use Good Lighting

It gets dark early in the winter, so you’ll likely be grilling in the dark. You don’t want to risk burning your food – or yourself! Get a headlamp for hands-free cooking, or an adjustable light that attaches to the top of the grill at the handle. A set of light strings up up around your deck will look attractive and also give good overhead light too.


Keep It Safe

Your deck or patio can get pretty slippery with snow, ice, or any slight moisture in freezing temperatures. Keep the grill on a solid level surface and remove any ice or snow in the area with a shovel. Wood is the most slippery, so if you can put the grill on a concrete pad, that would be ideal. And don’t bring your fuel near the grill!


Wear Winter Gear

You probably have some of the best stuff of anyone in the neighborhood – so pull out your winter coat, hat, gloves, and best work boots. And don’t forget to get a winter coat for your grill too! There are lots of options for good grill covers to keep it safe in the elements.


Give It Time

Give it extra time to warm up – it may need almost twice the amount it takes in the summer. And keep the lid shut as much as possible during cook time, so that you’re not fighting the cooking process with the cold air. And when the food is done, put a cover over the plate as soon as it comes off the grill, so that your food doesn’t get cold just before enjoying it either!


Your winter skills and gear will come in handy on the jobsite too, so check out the latest job opportunities in your area at IamMadden.com today if you’re looking to improve your career and life! We help craftsmen like you find a position that matches your unique talents and skills.




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