Craftsmen for a Cause: 5 Ways Your Handy Skills Can Benefit Your Community

Wednesday, 07 February
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Since the beginning of time, craftsmen have been vital members of their communities. These individuals have the technical skills and creative capacity to fix things, build stuff, and get the job done. If you’ve been looking for ways to put your handy abilities to good use within your community, consider these five possibilities. 

1.   Volunteer repair services.

You don’t need to build a house from the ground up to make a difference in your community. There’s a good chance dozens of people on your block alone could use some kind of repair services. Cracking paint, busted fences, loose gutters, broken tiles, dried-out caulk, yard issues – you name it! Offering your handyman services to seasoned couples, disabled individuals, single parents, and other in-need community members is a relatively simple way to make a huge impact.

2.   Teach your community.

Many of the skills craftsmen bring to the job are highly practical in other areas of life but not common among the rest of the population. A great way to spread some of those craftsman capabilities throughout your community is through teaching workshops and skills sharing. You can show people how to use basic tools, make minor home repairs, build awesome DIY projects, and teach pretty much anything else you’re passionate about. Depending on the nature of the skill, you could host virtual or in-person classes.

3.   Mentor fellow craftsmen.

There’s an undeniable sense of camaraderie and community among craftsmen no matter their age, skill level, or background. These relationships are forged in the crucible of the job site through hard work, sweat, and grit. As a seasoned craftsman, you have years of valuable experience and insights to offer up-and-coming talent. Being a mentor to other craftsmen gives you a chance to pass the torch to the next generation. You’ll be able to leave behind a legacy while even gaining a fresh perspective on your work. 

4.   Spearhead community initiatives.

As a craftsman, you’re always on the lookout for that loose screw, that uneven wall, or that broken floor joint. There’s a good chance you know better than local leaders what kind of infrastructure improvements your community or neighborhood needs. Maybe the school playground could use an overhaul, the park’s pavilion roof should get replaced, or the postal office ramp needs a new railing. You don’t have to tackle these projects on your own, but you could be the knowledgeable voice pushing for these necessary changes.

5.   Team up with nonprofits.

There’s no shortage of nonprofits already doing some amazing work in communities across the country. Teaming up with these organizations makes it easy to put your skills to use with the peace of mind of knowing you’re making a positive impact. Here are some excellent groups that could always use an extra pair of craftsman hands:

Habitat for Humanity

As one of the country’s most well-known and highly respected organizations, Habitat for Humanity focuses on building and repairing homes for low-income individuals and families. You’ll be helping put roofs over the heads of disadvantaged groups.

Tunnel to Towers

There’s no way to repay those who served in protecting our country, but giving them a place to call home is a fantastic place to start. With Tunnels for Towers, you can help build modern smart homes for our nation’s bravest.

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Mercy Housing

Another community-oriented nonprofit in need of talented craftsmen is Mercy Housing which focuses on eliminating homelessness through the construction and maintenance of affordable housing.

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