Why the Construction Industry is an Ideal Career Path for Veterans

Wednesday, 23 June
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According to the Department of Defense, around 200,000 servicemembers transition to civilian life each year. One of the toughest parts of this shift is finding a job that matches your skills while providing the support and environment veterans need to succeed. For decades, members of the military have found a new home in the trades due to the similarities it shares with work required in the military. Let’s explore some reasons why the construction industry is an ideal career path for veterans.

Veterans can find a similar camaraderie.

The unique stressors and struggles of military service create a strong sense of camaraderie amongst service members. As a result, many veterans are unprepared for the cutthroat competitiveness that exists in many workplaces. To make matters worse, the isolation and individual focus of so many positions are too much of a contrast to what veterans are familiar with to make it a good fit.

That’s another reason why the construction industry is a perfect match for veterans. The work is collaborative instead of competitive, and there’s a bonding that occurs between team members. This camaraderie is an important part of the job as teams face and overcome challenges together in order to complete projects safely, timely, and efficiently.

You’re an adaptable and flexible problem-solver.

As a veteran, you’re used to adapting to changes without giving up on your responsibilities or sacrificing quality. No matter how circumstances shifted when you served, you remained focused on getting the job done. This experience makes you a perfect candidate for the construction industry – a sector known for its constant and often unpredictable changes.

You’re a valuable asset to construction employers who need craftsmen and managers who are skilled problem-solvers always looking for solutions rather than excuses. You’ve handled obstacles under significantly more pressure than anything you’ll face on the job site.

Veterans have many transferable skills.

Just because you’ve been out of the civilian job market for a few years, doesn’t mean you’re lacking the valuable skills employers need. In fact, veterans have several transferrable technical, leadership, and management skills that managers in the construction industry could greatly benefit from. Regardless of the position you held in the military, you learned how to lead a team, build a sense of camaraderie, and earn the trust of your team.

Due to the unpredictability of service, veterans also develop the ability to remain calm and decisive when under pressure. In terms of technical skills, many aspects of daily military service align with responsibilities in the construction industry. Veterans of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) are specially qualified to transfer directly to the job site.

Trade jobs can help with the transition to civilian life.

Many civilians aren’t aware of the challenges that veterans face when returning to the job market after any duration of military service. This transition requires a complete shift in perspective, direction, and attitude. Adding to this already challenging change is the fact that many veterans never held a civilian job before entering into service. Anything that can lessen the stark contrast between service and civilian life can make the transition smoother for veterans.

Compared with other sectors, the construction industry’s similarities to military service make it an excellent point of transition for veterans making the switch to civilian life. The camaraderie among team members, the physical, hands-on work, and the goal-oriented organization all make the construction industry a perfect fit for veterans.

Whether you’ve recently retired from military service or you’ve been out for years, the construction industry has some excellent employment opportunities. To find the latest job offers in your area, head over to IamMadden.com. For decades, Madden Craftsmen has been committed to helping veterans find military-friendly careers with some of the best construction businesses in the country. We’ll help you find meaningful work quickly. Let’s build something.

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