Got What It Takes to Make it in the Construction Industry? 7 Must-Have Skills

Wednesday, 06 July
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The construction industry is a highly specialized field, so craftsmen need to have incredibly refined skills in order to fulfill the demanding roles. There’s certain knowledge you’ll pick up when training for a specific position. However, there are also fundamental qualities all construction professionals should possess to find success in the industry. Here, we’ll review these must-have skills so you can see if you have what it takes to make it as a craftsman.

1.   Strength

Construction workers regularly have to lift heavy objects throughout the workday. Whether you’re carrying a toolbox up the stairs, manning a sizeable piece of equipment, or hauling heavy materials around, you’ll easily carry thousands of pounds by the time the final bell rings.

It takes a decent amount of physical strength to succeed as a craftsman, especially on heavier-duty projects.

2.   Physical endurance

Lifting something heavy is one thing. Being able to exert yourself physically throughout the entire day is an entirely different skill altogether. Craftsmen need to have both. These professionals tend to work full-time outdoors, many times in tough conditions. On top of that, craftsmen have to remain on their feet with few breaks. When you factor in all the heavy protective gear, it’s clear that craftsmen have to have impressive endurance.

3.   Focus

There’s a lot happening on a job site, and each craftsman has a specific job to fulfill. If even one task is delayed, botched, or missed altogether, the entire project can come to a screeching halt. To keep things running smoothly, craftsmen need to stay laser-focused on their roles no matter what kind of distractions threaten to steal away their attention. The ability to stay with a task until it’s completed no matter the circumstances is one of the many essential skills craftsmen bring to the job.

4.   Solid communication

A construction site in full swing might seem like a hectic and disorganized mess to the untrained eye. But, the experienced craftsman sees a perfectly orchestrated project. There’s a lot going on at once, but it’s all organized. Communication is the key to keeping all the moving parts on a job site under control. A professional who can optimize their interaction with fellow team members will instantly become a more valuable craftsman.

5.   Teamwork skills

Craftsmen attend to individual tasks and fulfill individual responsibilities throughout the day, but their work is always part of a larger effort of the overall construction team. To succeed in the construction industry, you have to learn how to communicate and collaborate effectively with fellow craftsmen. That means setting aside differences, working through disagreements, and making joint decisions all in pursuit of a common goal.

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6.   Quick learning

No matter how much experience you have as a craftsman, you’re always picking up new insights, information, and techniques that help you perform better in your role. Having the ability to learn quickly is an essential skill in the construction industry as circumstances can change on the fly. Individuals who can keep up with these changes, make the necessary adjustments, and develop new abilities in short periods of time are invaluable.

7.   Basic math skills

Being a craftsman isn’t just about throwing around heavy items. There’s a cerebral component to the job too. More specifically, construction professionals should be able to conduct basic math calculations in their heads. Sure, you can crunch numbers on a scrap piece of paper or on your phone’s calculator, but you’ll need to make some fundamental equations on the run when taking measurements or tending to other tasks.

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