Take control of your job search and expand opportunities to get hired.

Job control

Looking for a new job is a universally challenging process, especially today when thousands of resumes can be sent online in a blink of an eye, and the candidate pool is widening every day. Sometimes your job leads run dry, or you simply lose the motivation to find what you’re looking for.

While it may feel like you’ve exhausted all options, it is important to take a step back and consider what can be done to create more opportunities for you. Keep in mind that while you need a job that satisfies many aspects of your life, employers need a valuable and multifaceted employee, so don’t be discouraged when you’re not finding the right job—you just need to expand your horizons!

Madden Industrial Craftsmen, leaders in construction staffing in Portland, share tips for job seekers to take control of your job search and expand your opportunities to get hired.

It is true there are only a finite amount of job postings, but you can revamp your job search by making a few simple adjustments. Here are a few ways you can take control of the process, even when it feels like it’s out of your hands:

Expand your contact list.

Even if you have been in the same industry for many years, there are always new connections to make. It can be as simple as asking a peer for an introduction to an industry professional, or you can utilize services like LinkedIn to meet new people.

Ditch online job listings.

While LinkedIn may be a great resource for networking, the internet as a whole isn’t always the best and fastest way to find a new job. If you have applied to several listings online and haven’t had any offers, it might be time to research specific companies you wish to work for, and turn in your resume face to face.

Sell yourself as a valuable asset.

Sure, you might be experienced, but will your experience help a company meet their individual goals? Make sure to convey to employers you have experience and skills that are directly aligned with the progression of the company.

Thinking of the bigger picture will help you find a job that will not only pay the bills, but satisfy your needs as an employee. Meeting new people and learning how to be unique in a sea of candidates is your best tool to success, and taking these tips into consideration could help you out of your job search rut!

Job hunting is definitely a stressful process, so let Madden Industrial Craftsmen take on the responsibility. Contact us today so our recruiting specialists can find you the right position!