Do You Prefer Temporary or Permanent Placement?


As you know, Madden helps all kinds of craftsmen find good work, Whether you’re a millwright, mechanic, carpenter, engineers, machinist, or welder, we’ve got access to permanent, temp to permanent, and temporary assignments. And, with the new Madden Apprenticeship Program, we’ve got opportunities for apprentice placement too. This gives our employer clients lots of options – but that also means you have lots of options too, depending upon your needs! Here’s some advantages of both Temporary and Permanent placement:

Temporary Placement

Wider variety.

When you’re working on shorter term projects, you’ll have the opportunity to work on new and different projects at various job sites, which is more exciting and less redundant! You’ll also get more connections and experience for your resume, because you’ll meet a wider circle of people at a variety of employers.

More Flexibility.

When you take temporary positions, you can schedule the jobs around your vacations – or simply take a big break in between jobs. Plus that means that you choose the jobs that sound the most fun and interesting to you. This allows you to work when it fits your life and interests, not the other way around!

Increased skills.

Working at a variety of temporary gigs will give you a lot of experience fast. You’ll gain more skills quickly, putting you in even higher demand because that increased experience warrants higher pay.


Permanent Placement

Personal Investment

You’re more likely to be personally invested in the success of the employer when you’re hired as a permanent craftsman. You’ll develop deeper friendships and relationships due to the nature of being a committed part of a team.

Stronger Stability

There’s more financial stability and overall security with a permanent paycheck. This consistency is likely to reduce your stress levels – which can also improve your performance!

Career Advancement

When you’re hired for a permanent role, you have opportunity to expand your career there with a promotion or further training in another area. This can sometimes be more satisfying and motivating to perform at your best.


Whether you prefer a temporary or permanent placement, we can help you get the right position with good pay and benefits too! If you’re interested in a job, or our registered apprenticeship program, call us at Madden today. We’re always looking for talented craftsmen like you.