How To Get More Respect On a Construction Job Site

Wednesday, 20 May

Getting respect is something that most craftsmen aim for. However, many of us get confused and assume that if we do a good job, we’ll be respected. That’s not necessarily true! This may lead to frustration on the job because you can tell when you’re not respected. And, bottom line, being respected means that you’re being valued. There are many reasons why this is important, beyond increasing your pay or making you more hirable. When you get respect, you’re able to make a bigger impact on the world around you – and life is so much more enjoyable that way. Whether you’re on a job site — or in a job interview — respect matters a lot! Here’s how to get more of it:


Don’t be late.

Being on time shows that you respect others’ time – and you can’t get respect if you don’t give it! Plus, being punctual is a sign that you have control over your own schedule, that you keep your promises, and. But the biggest reason of all to be on time is that you’re showing respect for yourself and the commitments you make.


Be prepared.

Whether you’re walking onto the job site, or into an interview, being prepared makes everything run more smoothly. You’re more confident of what needs to be said and get done, which increases productivity, communication, and results.


Pay attention to safety.

Safety is a big issue for all construction job sites, and your life could depend on it. A safe jobsite is also more productive and profitable! When you’re contributing to a safe culture on the job site, you are also showing that you care about the safety of your colleagues, leadership, and clients too. So be aware and follow the safety protocols that are in place, and make sure you are identifying any hazards that may be arising on site as well. There’s almost not a better way to get respect on a job site than to respect the well-being of yourself and others.


Keep it clean.

We know that creating and building is a lot more fun than cleaning. But keeping your jobsite clean and organized will help give you the space you need to create, think, and build better. And you can move from one task to the next quicker, making you more productive. And, as you probably know, clean sites mean they are safer too! Extra paper, cardboard, foam, or scrap lumber can cause an accident when in passageways and work areas. So while you don’t have to keep it completely spotless – you are building after all – clean the debris in the area around you as you work. Clients look favorably on clean job sites too!


Be nice to everyone.

Nobody likes a guy who’s a suck-up to their boss, but extremely rude to the receptionist who’s ‘below’ him in rank. Every person you interact with can help you succeed, so treat them nice! You never know, they might do you a favor someday that will surprise you. And don’t forget to smile on the job site! When you smile at others, you show both your interest and your confidence.


Communicate clearly.

Good communication is one of the biggest factors to a smooth construction process. Give regular updates with clients, colleagues, and your leadership on the site. Do it both verbally in a meeting and written within your digital files or emails. Not only will good communication bring harmony to the whole process, it will help keep you as close to the budget and timeline as possible. They’ll definitely respect you for being upfront and honest about issues that come up and keep your crew and client in the loop – no matter how small.


Take pride in your work.

Everyone respects people that put extra love and attention into their job. The best talent is excited and proud of their accomplishments! So feel free to talk about the importance of your craft and expertise; be eager to show that you care about your work. Employers and colleagues want the best possible people on their team, and they can sense and respect your confidence and enthusiasm more than you realize.


Madden can help you with getting respect both on a job site and in an interview! Contact us to get more skills and other tips for your next job search!  We’re always looking for talented craftsmen like you.



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