Construction Jobs in High Demand

Replacing roof tiles

There’s not a better time to get into construction! The industry is expected to keep growing by 13% during the next 7 years, and we already have a significant shortage of craftsmen. If you’ve been thinking about getting into the industry, you may be wondering which positions are in demand.

We suggest you consider your interests, skills and natural talents first and foremost while choosing your career path. However, it’s also good to look at the jobs that may pay more, easier to get into, or are more needed than others. Here’s a recap of some hot jobs right now:


Elevator Installers

These positions offer the best combo of both the highest pay with growing opportunity in the industry, at about 20K more in pay on average each year. Elevator workers will also usually install and repair other types of lifts as well as escalators and moving walkways. 35 states do require a licence, and because it’s a specialty, many often learn on the job through apprenticeships.


Plumbers and Pipefitters

This trade has one of the highest projected growth in the industry, expected to expand by 17%. You can learn this trade through technical school or apprenticeship, as it also requires a license in most states.


Solar Installers

With new demand for solar technology, this is the fastest growing trade by far at 105%! There’s a multitude of different opportunities in this field available, ranging from assembling installing and maintaining solar panels, so the pay will vary. It’s also a trade that’s needed both residentially as well as commercially. Most skills are learned on the job, and won’t require a lot of training in advance.



Electricians are always in demand, and pay is generally higher than many other construction jobs. Vocational schools, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training are all options, depending upon your desired career path – which could include installing, repairing or maintaining electrical systems in residential, commercial, or industrial construction.


Wind Turbine Technicians

With the demand for renewable energy sources around the world, Wind Turbine Technicians are needed to install, repair, and maintain wind turbines. Similar to Solar Installers, the growth in jobs available in this field are projected to be over 100%.


Construction or Building Inspector

As an inspector, you’d be examining work sites and construction projects to make sure everything on the project meets requirements, including zoning regulations and building codes – both in the state and nationwide. It also includes keeping the project in line with the contract agreement specifications. The demand for this work is growing at about 10%, and is becoming much more appealing because of new technologies that are being utilized.



Boilermakers work with large containers that hold liquids and gases, and they are one of the highest paid in the industry. Opportunities include assembling in the manufacturing process as well as installing and repairing onsite. If you’re interested in this work, you’ll likely need to go through a formal apprenticeship program before you earn your Journeyman.


Construction Manager

This is a job that takes a lot of juggling and organization, which also require leadership and communication skills. For these reasons, they’ve got a tough job – and are paid pretty well for it. Plus they’ve got good job security, as the unemployment rate for Construction Managers is under 3%.


Of course, there are many more opportunities for craftsmen not listed here, and there’s no doubt that pursuing a career in construction will be lucrative. And even if you have no experience in the industry, Madden also has an apprenticeship program that allows you to earn money while you learn on the job. Learn more by calling Madden Industrial Staffing today!