Great YouTube Channels for Craftsmen


There are some really fantastic YouTube videos online that give incredibly useful building project examples and tips from talented craftsmen. Whether you’re searching for some guidance, or just want to be entertained, these are some channels to peek at:


The Essential Craftsman

Scott Wadsworth from Roseburg Oregon hosts videos related to blacksmithing, general construction, safety & productivity, and various other trades.

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VGC – Very Cool Guys Construction

This is an entertaining channel that follows very cool guys who make videos as they service commercial retailers throughout the Philadelphia Metropolitan area.

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This Old House

Kevin O’Connor hosts the YouTube version of the classic This Old House magazine.

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See Jane Drill

A 20+ year Journeyman and previous trades instructor, Leah hosts the only DIY home improvement channel where a woman provides professional instruction on trade work. She hopes to inspire other women to feel like they can do it too!

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Matt Risinger

Matt’s a builder who specializes in Architect Driven & Fine Craftsmanship Work, and creates videos talking about Building Science, Craftsmanship, & Best Practices for Building & Remodeling.

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Finish Carpentry

Richard McMurray makes videos while doing carpentry work.

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America’s best-selling tool brand hosts this channel to show you what their tools can do, and help inspire builders, DIYers, weekend warriors and everyone in between.

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Mike Rowe

This is the official YouTube channel for Mike, the host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs.

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Tool Review Zone

This channel has a plethoa of videos that give reviews on various power tools and outdoor equipment.

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If you’re a craftsman looking for temporary or permanent work in the trades, give Madden a call! We work with employers who are looking for talented craftsmen like you.

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