How To Become A More Valuable Craftsman – And Get Hired Faster!

Thursday, 21 January
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Employment in construction is still growing fast, and getting more and more exciting with all the new innovations, so it’s an exciting industry to be a part of! Thanks to the labor gap and COVID, construction is in demand and it’s more likely than ever that you’ll be able to find work.  But you’d be smart not to take that for granted! You can guarantee the kind of job and lifestyle that you want by becoming an even more valuable craftsman. Here at Madden, we see the most talented craftsmen get hired, and how they’re able to dictate whether they work part time, project-by-project, or full time. Here are the skills that we find will increase your hire ability:



Poor communication is costing the construction industry billions of dollars. A recent study found that bad data and communication is the cause of 48% of rework done on jobsites! Reduce the rework by constantly communicating with your supervisors, colleagues, and clients. Ask how you can better track and update all the key players and learn how to use software apps or other technology that will improve data management and the accuracy of project information.


Customer Service

No matter how skilled you are, craftsmen that are customer-focused with their efforts will always bring more value to the table. Put yourself in your clients shoes and treat them the way you would want to be treated. Respond quickly to their inquiries, listen to their concerns, answer questions, and take any criticism or complaints with grace. When you’re willing and able to understand their needs, you’ll make a good name for yourself and your employer.


Problem Solving

There is always going to be unexpected problems that come up on a jobsite! The key is not to dwell on what’s going wrong and figure out how to fix it! Project delays and mistakes are just part of the gig, so address these issues quickly and, again, communicate what’s happening with all key players. Use your creativity and quick decision-making skills to get the solutions that will help the job move forward.



Construction is a team effort, so it’s important that you’re honest about your experience and mistakes with everyone involved. Don’t pretend to have skills that you don’t – it will just put you in an awkward situation and/or give you a bad reputation. And be open to try new things too! The industry is constantly changing and evolving with new techniques and methods, so be willing to bring ideas to your employer, or lead a new initiative, or experiment with new technologies.


Specialty Skills

Advanced training with extra skills will garner higher pay and increase your overall value. Consider getting a specialized certification that will add to your skills, demand, and paycheck! You could learn something simple, such as how to operate a crane, or something a bit more team focused, such as project management or safety director certification. And basic specialties such as plumbing, masonry, or HVAC work are a great place to start if you don’t have a career focus yet.


Madden Industrial Craftsmen wants to make you more hirable in the trades. We also have an apprenticeship program that could help you get paid for your value, while you’re still in training!  Contact us if you’re looking for a new job in the trades, or some guidance in your search. We work with employers that are looking for talented craftsmen like you.



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