Use These Ingenious Hacks to Handle the Winter Weather Like a Pro

Wednesday, 16 February
Wintery scene of a man with Furry and full beard shivering in a snow storm-cm

Winter is in full force and, with it, all of the inconveniences and hassles that come with frigid temperatures, relentless snowfall, and infuriating ice. Here are some ingenious hacks you can use to handle the winter weather like a pro.

Stock up on winter essentials.

On the job site, you have all the gear and tools you need to handle problems as they arise. When it comes to winter preparation, stocking up on the essentials is a must. You never know when sub-zero temperatures, sprawling black ice, or a massive dump of snow will keep you trapped inside your home or car for longer than expected. Warm blankets, nonperishable food, hand warmers, drinking water, and flashlights are all fantastic items to keep around the home or in the trunk of your vehicle. Whenever harsh winter weather does close in, you’ll be ready.

Invest in a powerful generator.

In 2020 alone, US homeowners experienced 1.33 billion hours worth of power outages with a high concentration occurring in the winter. Colder temperatures, heavy snowfall, and penetrating ice can all make it harder for utility companies to keep their customers connected. As a craftsman, you understand the importance of self-reliance. Investing in a battery-operated generator can keep you and your family warm, comfortable, and content during extended power outages. If you want to take things up a notch, you could get a whole-house generator. No matter how bad things get, your house wouldn’t skip a beat.

Break out the homemade salt.

Northwest storms can hit without warning. If you find yourself iced-in without any heavy-duty deicing salt, don’t worry! It’s time to put those problem-solving skills you’ve developed on the job site to the test. Although fertilizer works great for getting rid of stubborn ice, the urea eventually flows into nearby streams and rivers which isn’t so great. Instead, fill up a bucket of warm water and toss in some good old’ fashioned table salt. If you don’t have enough, water softener salt works great too. Simply spread the concoction on your driveway, sidewalk, or back patio as you would any other deicing solution.

Kitty litter for spinning tires.

Whether you’re driving a 4X4 juggernaut or a standard sedan, every vehicle falls victim to the quick-sand of winter sludge at one point or another. Instead of having to blow your hard-earned dollars on a tow truck, keep some kitty litter in your trunk. Whenever your tires start spinning out, just dump a liberal amount of this stuff around your tires to add some much-needed traction. Don’t have a cat or can’t bring yourself to haul around giant boxes of cat litter? No problem! Cardboard also works great, so hold onto all of those boxes from the holidays. If you don’t have anything else to use, your vehicle’s floor mats work in a pinch. Just make sure to give them a thorough wash afterward.

Build a shoe rack to trap moisture.

There’s no problem that can’t be solved with a little elbow grease, ingenuity, and craftsman know-how. For craftsmen who are tired of seeing mud, grime, and moisture tracked into their homes, it’s time to earn that coveted title of handyman hero. Build out a wooden tray large enough to fit all of your family’s winter footwear but small enough to fit in your garage or entryway. Treat the wood with a waterproof coating or fill it with water-resistant material. Then, fill it with rocks, marbles, other anything else that can keep your winter shoes elevated while allowing the water and dirt to run off. Now, you have a customized shoe rack that keeps your home moisture-free!

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