Construction Hiring Trends Are Empowering Job Candidates

Wednesday, 07 June
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Talented craftsmen candidates have the ability now more than ever to create their own dream job, and get work based on their own talents, needs, and schedule. Here are some trends that are making it easier than ever for craftsmen to find exactly the kind of work you want.


There are so many more options that employers are offering so they can acquire the best talent. From part time to short-term, you’ve got the ability to choose how much you want to work and when! You can ‘job-hop’ from company to company or project to project, or you can choose to work long-term for somebody on a more permanent basis. Flexible options are much more accepted and you’ve got the power to choose what best fits your lifestyle.


Technology is increasingly making it easier to apply for jobs online. More and more applications are being viewed and sent on smartphones too! Here at Madden we make it easy for you to get started with our 1-minute job application!


Social media and video options allow you to connect with hiring managers and recruiters in a whole new way. Online interview screening is becoming more and more the norm, which can save you lots of travel time and money. Look for ways to research and respectfully engage with potential employers using new platforms, and build your reputation and authority online and off.


There’s so much more information accessible, you can really fine tune a job search to the right position and culture fit. And while all that data is helpful, it can feel like you’re endlessly filtering through it all day, just so you can apply for a position or two! We suggest you let Madden’s people and technology cipher through it to match you to the right job, so you can concentrate on your skills and building relationships with potential employers.

If you’re looking for work as a craftsman, we suggest that you devise a personal plan for your upcoming quarter and year, and communicate it with your staffing professional here at Madden. The more clear you are on what you’re looking for, the easier it is for us to find the right fit – or help you negotiate exactly what you want. Happy employees always perform better, and so it’s a win for everyone!

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