Why You Should Quit that Office Job you Hate and Become a Craftsman

Wednesday, 24 January
Construction worker carrying girder on construction site comp

You don’t have to get a college degree or wear a suit to earn enough money for a comfortable lifestyle. A skilled trade career can provide a lucrative and satisfying lifestyle. Incomes range from 30K-90K per year, depending upon where you live and the demand or skills of your chosen craft. Here are some good reasons why you should consider a career as a craftsman:

You’re in high demand.

There will always be a consistent need for craftsmen including electricians, HVAC, and carpenters. But there’s an especially huge demand right now! That’s because there’s a much larger percentage of craftsmen retiring than are entering the field. And, with the construction industry booming, this has created a much larger labor shortage of skilled trades people.


It’s more flexible.

Because this kind of career is largely project based, you’ve got the ability to choose from part time to short-term or other. It allows you to switch jobs within the same or different companies, or you can choose to work long-term for somebody on a more permanent basis. There are many more options available to you, so can select what best fits your lifestyle.


You’ll start earning sooner.

Most skills needed in a trades career are taught at a 2-year program, rather than 4, so it takes half the time to enter into your chosen field (and half the cost)! And, if you already have a degree and you’re currently working, your path to earning more in management or business ownership in the trades is a much easier trek.


You’ll start learning on the job sooner too.

You can start building experience right away, because most people in the trades don’t have to put in their time doing unrelated tasks, they get thrown into the job immediately. Which also means you’re building your equity and skills faster too, and becoming more valuable as a master at your craft.


It’s greatly satisfying.

If you’re someone who loves physical movement and hands-on work, you’ll feel hugely rewarded from this kind of occupation. There’s a sense of accomplishment from every single project you complete, along with the opportunity to use your passion and creativity.


If you’re looking to hang up your suit and get your hands dirty at a job you love, call us at Madden. We can steer you in the right direction to connect you with the training or employers needed.

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