9 Characteristics You Develop on the Job Site That Benefit Your Life Overall

Wednesday, 13 October
worker using pneumatic hammer drill to cut the wall concrete brick, close up-cm

Being a craftsman isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle. The skills you develop on the job site have a broader impact on other areas of your life. Here, we’ll take a look at some characteristics that benefit craftsmen overall.

Problem-solving skills

On the job site, there’s no giving up or starting over. When you’re confronted with an obstacle, you put all of your energy and focus towards overcoming the issue and coming up with a solution. After working as a craftsman, you’ll never see a problem in life the same again. Giving up won’t be an option. You’ll become more adept at developing solutions that others don’t even consider.


There’s a strong sense of camaraderie amongst craftsmen. They’re not just your coworkers; they’re your family. The ability to work successfully as part of a close-knit team can help improve your interaction with others outside of work. Craftsmen learn the importance of trust, dependability, and follow-through – attributes important for all types of relationships both professional and personal.

Thinking outside-the-box

There’s no doubt that construction requires craftsmen to be exact, precise, and calculated in their decisions. But there’s also an element of innovation and creativity required to become a successful craftsman. Whenever you’re faced with an obstacle, you’re forced to think outside of the box and consider new perspectives. This ingenuity can help improve your adaptability in other areas of your life.


When working as a craftsman, there’s no such thing as working alone. No matter what role you hold, you’re an integral part of a larger team. To make sure things run smoothly and all targets are hit timely, you’ll need to learn how to communicate clearly, concisely, and successfully. This routine collaboration can help improve your communication overall.

Handyman skills

On the job site, craftsmen are always improving their handyman skills. You’re learning new techniques and getting comfortable using different tools. Whether you want to tackle an at-home project or save some money on much-needed repairs, you’ll have all the skills necessary to make it happen. Just make sure you have all the tools you need at home to carry out these jobs.

Physical strength

Construction work is tough. There’s no denying that. But when compared to desk jobs where you’re sitting around for 40 hours a week, craftsmen are actually in a better position. All of the movement and exercise you get on the job site can improve your health by building physical strength and flexibility. This improved mobility will drastically increase your quality of life, especially as you age.

Mental function

Just like a muscle, your brain becomes weaker when it isn’t being used. Although construction is often viewed as a purely physical career, craftsmen are always challenging themselves mentally. Whether you’re analyzing blueprints, memorizing building codes, or learning something new, you’re improving cognitive function and keeping your brain young. Some studies have even suggested that daily movement increases memory!

Technological literacy

With technology advancing so rapidly, it’s easy to get stuck caught behind the trends. But as a craftsman, you’re constantly exposed to some of the latest technological developments including virtual reality, drones, management software, and mobile apps. This technological literacy will keep you up-to-date and familiar with all new advancements while other professionals are getting stuck decades in the past.


The second craftsmen hit the job site, they’re bombarded with countless to-dos and responsibilities. Over time, you become a master at staying organized. You learn how to set priorities and finish one task before moving on to the next. Before you know it, you’ll see these organizational skills creeping into other areas of your life allowing you to get things done quicker while reducing stress.

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