Prepare Your Skills to Help with Green Building

Monday, 09 May
Green Building

If you haven’t embraced green building, you’re limiting your job prospects. Green construction is no longer a fringe movement for Prius-driving environmentalists. Corporate clients are embracing green building as a means of cutting energy costs, meeting new government regulations and presenting a social conscious to their clients. Residential customers are turning to green products to reduce their energy costs, improve their homes’ efficiency and benefit from the growing number of federal and state tax incentives.

Are you prepared for green building? Whether you’re experienced with green construction standards or not, becoming familiar with these four sustainability trends will increase your marketability.

Alternative Energy Solutions

Our government isn’t the only group trying to get away from oil and coal. Businesses and homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their reliance on power companies and cut their fuel costs. Solar technology is becoming increasingly affordable, private residences are utilizing wind power, and natural gas companies are providing a cheaper alternative to traditional fuel. As these trends continue, knowing how to manage alternative energy systems will become vital in construction roles.

Recycled Building Materials

Recycled building materials, renewable resources, and salvaged wood. These aren’t just buzz words on HGTV. They’re one of the latest trends in green building, promoting the reuse of materials to reduce a construction’s environmental impact and save money.

Natural Lighting

Gone are the days of giant light fixtures and thick curtains. Today’s clients want to bring natural light inside wherever they can. That means large, energy-efficient windows, proper placement, and shading that makes it possible to work but still lets in as much of that natural light as possible.

Water Conservation

Water conservation has become an increasing concern both locally and around the world. Wasteful companies risk boycotts while homeowners face steep water bills and even fines. Having a strong understanding of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures (such as low flow toilets), system optimization techniques and water recycling technologies will put you a step above the average candidate.

To learn more about green building or find resources to help you acquire these skills, contact Madden Industrial Craftsmen today!

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