Being A Madden Recruiter Is Awesome

Wednesday, 21 June
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I have a pretty great career. All these craftsmen come in to apply for jobs, and I can’t help but be amazed by them. Craftsmen are true talent. They’ve got skills the world needs. They have skills even I need! They pave the roads I drive on, the build the apartment I live in. Just another reason I love working with craftsmen!  It’s especially rewarding when we’re able to form long term relationships over the course of their career.

I guess that’s why I work at Madden.

Last week, a candidate came in, and he was extra special. I don’t know what it was about Joe; he was confident in his skills but also very open about his weaknesses. It shows that he wanted to be placed in the right job that made the most sense. He didn’t want to be in a position where he didn’t thrive. He had really unique experience and wisdom that I don’t see very often.

He hinted that he wanted a more flexible schedule, one that allowed for more personal fun and job satisfaction. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to work with our Portland or Seattle office, but I admit I was hoping it was Portland, so I could keep working with him.

I got up from behind the desk and came and sat in the chair next to him to ask him more about his preferences, and encouraged him to share his true aspirations for the job he was seeking. I thought it was important to show him that I could help him find a flexible job if that’s what he wanted.

This definitely got his attention.

“Holy moly, I’ve never had a staffing agency care this much.” He said.

We discussed the details of what he really wanted in a job, and it made him confident I would find him the right position. We shook hands.

But then he noticed that the door on my coat closet had a loose hinge. He didn’t even ask if I wanted it fixed, he just went right over and asked me if I had a screwdriver. I actually had one in my desk, so I pulled it out and he immediately fixed the hinge.

When he was done, he invited me to come visit his current job site, so that I could see him in action, so I’d be able to better describe his particular talent with potential employers. I was thrilled and accepted. He gave me his card and scribbled the address of the site, and told me to meet him over there in a couple hours.

I walked him out the door, and went back to my desk with new energy to get to work finding him a job that would exceed his expectations. Any employer would be lucky to have him on board.

Being a recruiter has benefits. We are Madden.

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