Great Phone Apps To Help Craftsmen In Trades Career

Wednesday, 08 April

Our phones have become such a great resource in many areas of life, and that’s no exception in our work life too. There are so many apps that make our jobs as craftsmen even easier, allowing us to track, share, and communicate while on a jobsite. Here are a few that we hear good things about:



This app is really handy for tracking broken tools or equipment. One of UpKeep’s best features is that you can take pictures of the broken equipment and then create a correlating task or work order to schedule the repair, so that they can be referred to later. Which can also be used on a job site for damaged equipment or other risky situations, so that you can alert others and lower the chances for a related accident. The other cool thing is that it allows you to create a digital record of all the repairs or inspections done on a specific piece of equipment or area of jobsite.



ClockShark was created as a time-tracking app specifically for the construction industry. It pulls GPS coordinates and the time so that you can use it to clock in or out of work. And even if you don’t have wi-fi, it will use the. It can also track the amount of time spent on a specific task, so you can more accurately measure how long different jobs take – which creates more efficiency and helps your company to estimate and bill in the future. It also allows for you to share pictures, documents, and project updates with others on the team – all in one place!



This app is one of the best for creating daily reports from the field simply and quickly. Raken was ranked the easiest app to use by it’s customers because the set-up is easy, and most craftsmen get the hang of using it almost immediately without needing to spend a lot of time learning or integrating with existing software. Besides daily reports, it can be used for production tracking, safety, time cards, and more.



This app began primarily an accounting tool, and they adapted and created Sage 300 specifically for the construction and real estate industry for all aspects of project management to help you keep the project moving quickly and smoothly. It allows you to update and track aspects from the field, eliminating the need to enter it again in other systems/software when getting back into the office. This also means that other team members can access important project info anytime from anywhere.



The key feature of this app is the ability to create punch lists that can be shared with fellow team members, as well as any other architects, engineers, and other key collaborators near or far. You can also take photos or sketches directly in the app, and then assign notes and tasks all right from your phone while on the job site. Any notes or comments can be shared with the whole team, and assigned to anyone specific – including voice . Checklists and notes can be converted into reports simply and easily as well, in clean PDF format to be accessed or sent to clients or colleagues.


Just like these and other apps, Madden can save you time and make life easier too! Contact us if you need help in finding temporary or permanent work in the trades. We can match you with employers who are looking for good talent like you

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