Which Technology Should You Learn to Further Your Construction Career?


Many construction workers start their careers working as general laborers, but it is possible to work towards a higher position by implementing appropriate technology. The construction industry has withstood economic hardships through the test of time because of the constant necessity for growth, but technological advances have already begun an unparalleled transformation of the industry.

However, simply adopting new technological equipment because of the hype is not enough; understanding the impact and function of such machinery is equally important.

Here are some ways to incorporate technology into your construction career.

Download Apps on Your mobile device to share important documents on-site.

Construction work consists of concise instructions and loads of documents detailing the work that needs to be completed. By downloading data-sharing apps, you can stay up-to-date with suppliers and management even if you are working miles away onsite. Communication is an often overlooked but important aspect of keeping projects on schedule, so utilize apps that allow you to keep lines of communication open with all levels of project workers.

Apply augmented reality software.

It’s no secret that augmented/virtual reality technology is the new ‘big deal’ in the construction industry. This software allows for detection of slight errors in areas like the framework or pipe construction, and if caught early on using augmented reality software, the project can stay on time and will keep money in the budget. The augmented reality not only aids human perception but is also able to detect nuances that are not visible to the human eye itself, proving its worth in onsite construction projects.

Purchase drones to survey the construction site.

Having an extra set of eyes in the sky can prove very useful when designing and implementing project guidelines. Drones can not only aid in preparation before ground is broken, but they can help project managers to monitor the work being done, and they can also help in preventing hazardous situations by increasing the field of view for workers below.

Work With a Top Construction Staffing Agency in the Northwest

We understand that the workforce is changing to adapt new streamlined efficiency technology, but we also know that nothing and no one can replace a quality worker. Therefore, we can help place you with a company that values your individual skills and simultaneously allows technological growth. Contact Madden Industrial Craftsmen today to learn more about how we can place you in a new position!

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