How To Improve Communications On A Building Project

Wednesday, 19 June

Because there are so many stakeholders in a building project, good communication is one of the keys to a smooth construction process. The communication in a project can fall apart in several different areas: communication between the clients and the contractor, communication between leadership and the craftsmen, and communication on the site. Not only will good communication bring harmony to the whole process, it will help keep you as close to the budget and timeline as possible. Here are some ways that you can improve your communication to improve your next construction project:

 Clear process.

Make sure there is a clear chain of command and process that you follow to communicate with each other and the client on a project. Keep everyone informed and updated on any changes or issues, and they all should have clear expectations about how you’ll be doing that – whether it’s through daily meetings, a digital platform, emails, or other. Enforce that everyone needs to stick to it!

Pick one platform.

If possible, move closer to a BIM model (Building Information Modeling) – where there’s one digital system or cloud-based platform that all members of the team can easily access and contribute to. If you’re still doing a lot of the communication offline, using paper documents and drawings, you won’t be able to move as fast through the stages of the project.

Repeat the message.

Give an update both verbally in a meeting, and written within your digital files or emails. Reinforce your communication with more than one way of saying the same thing. Use both pictures and words, as it helps clarify the same thing two different ways. Try not to use industry jargon or misunderstood terms, especially with clients.

Allow for feedback.

Encourage feedback and give space and time for it. When you’re open to input from your team, you’ll get better engagement and they’ll feel more invested in the success of the project.

Hire and Plan for it.

Make sure you hire a crew that’s qualified to communicate well, and make it a priority to train them on your communication protocol so they can follow it! Everyone must also be equipped with the right tools and internet connection required to follow your outlined communication process as well.

Be Upfront.

Be upfront and honest about issues that come up, and keep your crew and client in the loop – no matter how small. Clients especially might be particular about even the smallest changes, so don’t prolong or hold back information.


There are some amazing new systems that make communications more efficient, but the most important thing is to place it as a priority! If you’re looking to hire craftsmen that can communicate well in your next building project, give Madden Industrial Staffing a call today.

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