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Wednesday, 27 September

Don’t Forget These 8 Must-Have Components When Drafting a Construction Contract

Having a clear and comprehensive contract can help boost customer experience, increase productivity, minimize disputes, and improve earnings....
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Wednesday, 13 September

Do Away With These Old-Fashioned Hiring Practices for a More Productive, Cohesive, and Cost-Effective Team

There’s a direct connection between the quality of a company’s hiring practices and the quality of its teams....
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Wednesday, 30 August

Building Blocks of Success: How Construction Businesses Can Stand Out from the Crowd

What separates your business apart from the competition? This seemingly...
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Wednesday, 16 August

How to Keep Craftsmen Motivated During Tough Projects

Craftsmen are among the toughest, hardest-working, and most determined professionals...
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Wednesday, 26 July

Track These 5 Employee Metrics for Optimized Staffing

Staffing costs represent the single largest expense for industrial companies....
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Wednesday, 12 July

Madden Craftsmen is Growing! Where We’re Heading Next…

It’s an exciting time for everyone involved in the industrial...
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Wednesday, 28 June

What Craftsmen Want From Their Employers

Many construction leaders used to be craftsmen themselves, giving them...
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Wednesday, 14 June

Why You Should Be Picky About the Clients You Choose

Being picky about the clients you choose might sound crazy,...
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Wednesday, 15 March

Construction Budgeting: How to Spend Less While Getting More Done

In the construction industry, hard work is one of the...
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Wednesday, 22 February

Does Your Construction Company’s Culture Align With Its Goals?

Cultural alignment is all about how your company’s values, practices,...
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Wednesday, 08 February

How to Handle (And Avoid) Construction Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are an absolute pain, but they’re a common...