How the Right Craftsmen Improve Job Site Safety

Monday, 13 May
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In their ceaseless pursuit of optimal safety, industrial leaders tend to focus on direct methods for improving job site security. While this top-down framework has its merits, it tends to downplay the influence other factors have on safety. In particular, this perspective is blind to the critical role craftsmen play in developing, maintaining, and furthering an environment of safety. Understanding this employee-driven side of the security equation can help project leaders develop a more compliant and efficient safety strategy. Let’s explore some characteristics and qualities that can improve job site safety.

Ability (and willingness) to follow rules.

Safety guidelines are only as effective as a team’s willingness to follow the rules. It might sound meticulous, but gauging a candidate’s ability to adhere to the relevant guidelines is foundational for building a culture of safety. That’s not to say team members won’t make honest mistakes. It’s about building a team of cooperative, compliant, and detail-oriented professionals committed to following established safety protocols and best practices to ensure a safe and productive work environment.

Initiative to communicate and address hazards.

Communication is a core part of maintaining safety compliance. Craftsmen are the first line of defense when it comes to identifying security vulnerabilities and potential hazards. Team members must take a proactive approach to identifying and communicating these risks to the relevant team members so they can be addressed quickly and effectively. As a project manager, it’s your job to ensure there’s an understood chain of command with clear responsibilities to facilitate fast resolutions to problems after proper identification.

Eagerness to advance their skills.

Skills and experience don’t only confer increased productivity and efficiency. They’re also key ingredients in the recipe for maximizing onsite safety. The more adept and familiar craftsmen become with their roles, tools, and responsibilities, the lower the chances of freak accidents or dangerous mistakes. While project managers can build skill development and training into their business, this project is sped along by craftsmen eager to get ahead. Providing various incentives or simply recognizing extra effort can further encourage professional mastery too.

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Leading by example for new recruits.

Staffing your company with team-oriented craftsmen is another employee-driven way to improve safety. Veteran candidates who prioritize safety and adhere to relevant requirements will naturally set a good example for newcomers. This leads to a self-sustaining, company-wide culture of safety. If you want to further cohesion between veterans and green craftsmen, you can establish mentorship programs focused on safety compliance as well.

Exhibiting high attention to detail.

When it comes to job site safety, the devil is in the details. Most accidents don’t come out of nowhere. Instead, they result from a series of minor missteps or oversights. Having craftsmen with a high attention to detail can prevent avoidable issues from escalating into serious hazards. As long as you’re supplying clear and compliant safety guidelines, these capable craftsmen can complete the necessary safety measures, checks, and redundancies to catch potential problems early on in their development.

The Role of a Staffing Professional

Connecting the dots between the right hires and job site safety is only part of the solution. The next step is finding candidates that exhibit those qualities. Without a well-funded and experienced hiring arm, most industrial companies find it challenging to source these top-tier professionals.

That’s where a staffing specialist comes into play. These experts have the experience, knowledge, and extensive network of talent to find the right people for the job. By partnering with these pros, you can get qualified candidates with all the skills and characteristics needed to optimize on-site safety.

If you’re searching for an industrial staffing expert with a proven track record of supplying companies with the best talent, you’re in the right place! Madden Craftsmen has decades of experience pairing highly qualified and security-oriented craftsmen with industrial employers. Take a few minutes to fill out a job order to get matched with a variety of candidates.

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