How GPS Technology Can Help Your Construction Projects


GPS tracking has been around for awhile, but is being used in the construction industry in new and creative ways. Here are some of the most popular and practical applications that are being implemented right now:

Fleet Management

Vehicles that have a GPS device allows them to be tracked from computer and mobile devices, so they can be quickly found when needed.


Theft Recovery

Expensive equipment and materials can also have GPS attached so that any stolen or misplaced valuables can be easily pinpointed and recovered.


Site Surveying

Surveying is much faster and more accurate with GPS systems that give more information with 3D measurement tools, and usually only require one person to perform the measurements saving big costs on labor.



GPS technology can be integrated with sensors and machinery automation – similar to automated vehicles – so that job accidents can be avoided. And the safety of manual operations can also be improved from monitoring and tracking bad habits or human errors.


Project Updates

You can demonstrate progress of a job using geotagged photos from a GPS digital camera, which can also be synced to construction software and organized automatically for reference and tracking.


Data Collection

With the ability to track activities and machinery on a job site, this can all be collected and more accurately measured to adjust for better efficiencies on a variety of costs, from fuel expenses to wasted time.


If you’re looking to improve the productivity and tracking on your next construction project, it’s likely that GPS technology can help you! And if you need craftsmen on your team to help you do it, or any other resources needed to build your business, give us a call at Madden today!