Management Can Get the Entire Team to Buy into Safety

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We’ve all worked a job where safety was a four-letter word. People cut corners, because saving time was more important than staying safe. Co-workers laughed if you ran back to the truck to grab a pair of safety goggles. Someone told you a harness isn’t necessary if you won’t be on the ladder for very long.

It’s not uncommon for safety measures to be seen as time-consuming hassles, especially when you’re constantly pressured to get things done as quickly as possible. But every time one of your employees takes a safety shortcut, they not only put themselves at risk, they put the job and the entire company at risk too.

So how can you get your employees onboard with safety? Threatening them won’t work. Safety videos are great, but they won’t sink in if the information isn’t emphasized once they leave the training room. The only way to ensure safety is taken seriously on a worksite is to get your leaders on board and actively demonstrating its necessity.

Model the Best Behavior

If your managers don’t take safety seriously, none of your employees will. The company culture starts and ends with the people who lead it, so the first thing you need to do is ensure all of your managers understand your organization’s safety requirements and are modeling them every day.

Stop Focusing on Speed

We have all been taught that speed should be rewarded. And it should be — as long as it doesn’t come at the cost of quality or performance. You wouldn’t reward a craftsman who produced shoddy work just to finish faster, and you shouldn’t reward a team member who skips safety steps to save time.

Reward Appropriate Behavior

As your managers emphasize safety protocol and communicate why safety precautions are necessary, they should also acknowledge those employees who are modeling the best behavior. This doesn’t just mean offering an annual award for your safest employee. It means stopping to commend someone for using their harness properly, recognizing teams that go the extra distance to ensure a worksite is safe, and rewarding individuals who follow your industry’s safety standards.

A safe worksite starts with a safe culture. When your leaders promote high safety standards and reward employees who take them seriously, the culture of your organization will shift to one where safety is valued.

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