How Workers Who Care Can’t Be Replaced by Robots

April1 Madden com

Middle-class workers have always had mixed feelings towards the automation of the labor industry; on one hand, new technology can speed up tedious work but it can also jeopardize the necessity for human workers in general. The implementation of onsite technology certainly speeds up the process, but a complete technical overhaul of the construction process would do more harm than good because there would be a loss of the emotional aspect of development.

Even the construction industry, which is predominately based on physical development and labor, has an emotional side that robots couldn’t possibly compensate for. While machines can be programmed to carry out detailed measurements and produce accurate results, the fact of the matter is that human workers put time and effort out of their days to create a result that will inevitably impact other human beings. This emotional involvement is something that robots can’t possibly possess, and while they can certainly carry out tasks with efficiency they cannot make alternate and creative decisions that humans can.

Creativity is another aspect of human existence that is nonexistent in the technological realm. While construction projects are certainly cut-and-dry as far as supplies used and how they are to be constructed, but there is a creative problem-solving aspect to construction work that robots may not be able to grasp. If the robot runs across a problem that they are not programmed to account for, time will be lost by finding the solution for the robot and programming it to take care of it. Human workers who are trained in their field can make quick decisions once a problem arises, and in the construction industry, it is more than likely that there will be quite a few roadblocks along the way.

In an industry where lots of thought and problem-solving are involved, it seems unlikely that robots can truly replace workers in the field. Like any other industry that has been transformed by technology, there is room for improvement that new devices can take care of, but it is more likely that humans and robots will work side by side instead of the industry being taken over by artificial laborers.

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