Why The Best Craftsmen Don’t Work For You

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With the skills gap, there’s already a lot of competition for the most talented craftsmen available. In this market and economy, you need to do everything you can to attract and keep them. Here are some reasons why your company might be struggling to hire the best:

You’re worried too much about experience.

A strong culture will attract the right people, not the other way around. Hire the people that share your company values and are willing to learn because specific skills and techniques can be taught.  When your people are excited about the company and environment they work for, they’ll work harder to get the training and skills needed. Identify the values of your culture, and make that your number one requisite for new hires. And if you need help training new craftsmen, programs like the Madden Apprenticeship Program can help.


You don’t have an onboarding plan.

Hiring your new craftsman is just the first step. Regardless of their experience, they still need to know about how everything works at your culture or company. It’s important to give them the proper attention and to keep them engaged. Make them feel welcome and appreciated too! Simply telling them how glad you are that they’re part of the team on their first day can go a long way. When you show them you’re confident that they can do the job they were hired for, they’ll perform at a higher level.


Your team is overworked.

When it’s difficult to find good talent, there’s a tendency to overload the good talent you already have. This is risky on many levels because when your team is tired, both performance and safety might be sacrificed. On top of that, leadership can’t do as well at motivating and training your team – and might even be doing the exact opposite. All of this will lead to unhappy craftsmen wanting to work elsewhere.


You’re not open to suggestions.

There are all kinds of new technologies and systems, even in the trades. Younger craftsmen especially will have all sorts of ideas for new ways of doing things, and when you’re open to new changes, you’ll attract and keep the best. Plus, you might discover something that will help your business grow, or even increase profitability. Listen to your team’s suggestions and consider how it can put your company ahead of the competition.


The company has a bad reputation.

If previous craftsmen on your team leave disgruntled or unhappy, it’s highly likely they’ll tell their new colleagues and friends in the industry about their bad experience. Consider how to make their final experience there a positive one. Whenever possible, be gracious and thank them for their time there. They might tell potential future candidates about your company, and turn out to be your biggest recruiters. Plus, movement can actually be a good thing! Working at different companies and projects will broaden their skills, which might benefit your company if you can lure them back later.


Madden can help you find talented craftsmen that are a match for your company, and can  If you’re looking for unique veteran talent, or any other resources you need to build your business, give us a call at Madden today!