How to Create Cohesion Between Seasoned and Green Craftsmen

Wednesday, 25 August
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As a project manager, you’re always searching for ways to optimize your team’s efficiency, collaboration, and productivity. A key part of that process is hiring the right talent as older team members retire or when tackling larger projects. But it’s not all you have to worry about.

To keep things running smoothly, project managers need to make sure new employees get along well with current members of the team. As with most things in the construction industry, that’s easier said than done. Here, will take a look at some strategies project managers can use to create cohesion between green employees and seasoned craftsmen.

Create a standardized hiring process.

Building a cohesive team starts during the hiring process. As new craftsmen come onboard, project managers have the perfect opportunity to set expectations, clarify responsibilities, and explain how the team operates. With this information, newcomers will more easily find their place while seasoned craftsmen can feel confident in their new team members.

When this process is standardized across all hires, project managers don’t have to waste time second-guessing where each employee might be. You can rest assured that everyone on your team – from the most experienced veteran to the greenest newbie – is on the same page. Standardizing the onboarding process also saves you from having to prepare anew with each hire.

Have experienced craftsmen train new hires.

Mentoring is one of the most effective ways project managers can build a strong bond between green and season craftsmen. When you have veteran employees take new hires under their wing, you’re creating a sense of trust and teamwork right from the get-go. Current employees know that their input is valued and incoming craftsmen understand that their more experienced peers are there to help.

But that’s not the only perk of mentor-style training. Delegating onboarding and training responsibilities to team members can save project managers valuable time which can be put towards other tasks. You can also overhaul the hiring process while still maintaining quality, allowing you to beef up your team on short notice for bigger projects.

Use team-building exercises.

Team-building exercises have developed a bad reputation for being outdated and a tad gimmicky. In reality, these exercises have proven time and time again to be an effective method for building strong teams. Team-building activities can help members of a construction team become more comfortable expressing their opinions, more successful in solving disagreements, and more efficient overall.

They’re great tools to use when trying to build cohesion between incoming craftsmen and team veterans. You’ll notice a boost in cooperation and communication as a sense of camaraderie develops. All of the skills developed among team members during the team-building exercises will translate directly to the job site. Don’t be afraid to have some fun when setting up team-building exercises as this can make people more likely to engage.

Get the input of your veteran employees.

Your veteran employees know better than anyone what it takes for a new hire to become fully integrated into the team. Whether you’re reviewing your hiring process or bringing in some new talent, it’s always a good idea to consult your current employees. Here are some key questions you can ask:

  • What kind of characteristics would you like to see in a new hire?
  • What were some issues you experienced in the past with new employees?
  • What areas do you think the team needs to improve in?
  • If you could give new hires one piece of advice, what would it be?

Your most experienced craftsmen can offer some valuable insights that ensure newcomers find it easier to become productive and effective members of the team. Of course, project managers should always make the final call based on what they think is best.

If you’re on the lookout for talented and qualified craftsmen, you’re in the right place! Madden Craftsmen specializes in helping local project managers and construction businesses find skilled craftsmen for their projects. Contact us today to learn more about what offer. Let’s build something together.

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