OSC Startup Challenge: Madden Craftsmen Celebrates Family Win & Community Growth

Monday, 01 April
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Madden Craftsmen is proud to recognize Paolo Esteban – the son of our very own Toni Valerio – as one of the winners of the Beaverton Startup Challenge!

The Beaverton Startup Challenge

Every year, the Beaverton Startup Challenge identifies three burgeoning startups with the leadership and vision to succeed and the offerings to make a positive change in the community. The competition winners are awarded a cash investment of $75,000 from a combination of various local investors which is put together by the competition’s hosts – the Oregon Startup Challenge (OSC). One of the 2024 winners was Paolo Esteban who happens to be the son of a Madden employee.

Paolo Esteban’s Bayani Designs

Bayani Designs specializes in the development and production of action-ready hearing protective solutions. Their proprietary hearing safety accessories are designed to be easy to access and quick to apply in active situations. Bayani Designs’ frontline-inspired hearing protection can be used by a wide range of professionals including law enforcement officials, military members, first responders, and security personnel. By improving accessibility and effectiveness, Bayani’s products can help reduce premature hearing loss and other noise-related issues for people in various fields. This results in prolonged and more fulfilling lives for local professionals and safer communities overall.

Other 2024 Winners

The two other recipients of the Beaverton Startup Challenge award were:

Jason Smith of Bluem Nursing

Bluem Nursing provides an anonymous platform where nurses can share their experience and salary history at hospitals throughout the country. The site is designed to improve the transparency of job searching and improve job satisfaction in the healthcare industry by giving nurses the insights they need from colleagues to identify the best-fit positions.

MinNefer Mernahkem of Intrinsic Shaving

Through Intrinsic Shaving, MinNefer Mernahkem is developing and producing shaving products and accessories specifically for Black men – an underserved market among big-name shaving brands. His stylish products are equipping men ranging from young adults to seasoned individuals with the cosmetic tools they need to look and feel their best.

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Who is OSC?

The Oregon Startup Center (OSC), known formerly as the Oregon Technology Business Center (OTBC) is committed to serving entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses throughout the state. Every year, they host the Beaverton Startup Challenge which pairs the most deserving companies with capital from eager investors.

They also provide training, mentorship programs, funding opportunities, and other essential support to help companies reach their full potential. OSC serves businesses in a diverse array of industries from local services and food production to technology and consumer products – just to name a few.

OSC works with a combination of private and public entities to source the funds, programs, and workshops required to support local businesses. It reaches out to investors to crowd-fund capital for startups which creates a mutually beneficial relationship. Additionally, OSC connects business owners with local economic development officials, service providers, and consultants.

These efforts contribute to a community of compounding success where startups are propped up by local investors and government programs which further fuels growth and success. On top of building community wealth, OSC is serving cultural needs, encouraging innovation, and helping people realize their business objectives.

Madden’s Role in Building Community

Beaverton has earned its reputation as a bastion of entrepreneurship with a litany of successful and impactful companies calling this Oregon city home. With deep roots in the area extending decades back, Madden Craftsmen understands the region’s fertile ground for business growth better than most. That’s why we’ve always been proud supporters of OSC’s work for years. They’re putting in the crucial work by shining a spotlight on the most promising startups around and providing essential resources to foster their success. In our endless pursuit of building community, we’re committed to continuing our support of OSC and highlighting their transformative work.

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