Why Craftsmen Are Natural Outdoorsmen

Monday, 20 May
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What do the buzz of saws and dings of hammers have in common with the rustling leaves and bubbling brooks? The anthem of human industry and the symphony of nature, while seemingly divorced, forge a similar attitude, mentality, and strength. There’s a reason craftsmen have always made natural outdoorsmen. The challenging environments posed by job sites and the great outdoors breed comparable outcomes. Here are some reasons craftsmen are perfect candidates for the great outdoors.

Craftsmen are physically fit.

The industrial sector boasts some of the most physically demanding roles in the entire economy. In a world where the average worker is reminded to stand up and stretch, craftsmen find their respite in the rare moments of sitting down. On the job site, professionals only have three gears: go, go, and go. This high level of activity translates to endurance and strength which makes craftsmen well-equipped for physically demanding outdoor activities. No matter the physical challenge, craftsmen know what it takes to work hard, stay healthy, and live well.

They’re used to extreme weather.

Craftsmen are no strangers to the whims of Mother Nature, routinely braving relentless heat, torrential precipitation, high winds, and other inclement weather head-on. These professionals know how to maintain composure, focus on the task at hand, and maintain high standards throughout the worst bouts of weather. This familiarity with operating under intense weather positions craftsmen as natural outdoorsmen who can expertly navigate unpredictable and unforgiving weather.

Craftsmen have a DIY mindset.

The great outdoors doesn’t come with how-to guides or step-by-step instruction manuals guiding your every move. Mastering nature demands ingenuity, confidence, and self-sufficiency – traits that craftsmen have in spades. Your innate “do-it-yourself” mindset will come in handy when facing unique challenges without any obvious solutions. In the wild, where unpredictable and trying situations abound, your DIY skills as a craftsman become survival skills as an outdoor enthusiast.

Adaptation is second nature to craftsmen.

In nature, adaptation is a prerequisite for survival. On the job site, it’s a prerequisite for success. Craftsmen are constantly adapting to novice challenges by developing new skills and techniques, working with new equipment, and embracing innovative technology. This ability to navigate ever-changing challenges with agility and flexibility directly influences their prowess in dealing with the constantly evolving threats of nature.

They understand the importance of the right tools.

Craftsmen understand the importance of having the right tools on and off the job site. Whether setting up a robust camp, building the perfect fire, hunting for a tasty dinner, or planning a fun hike, craftsmen are sure to find the perfect tools for any nature activities. This due diligence makes for a more enjoyable, rewarding, and safe outdoor experience.

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Craftsmen stay cool under pressure.

Craftsmen are confronted with constant pressure on the job site in the form of tight deadlines, demanding clients, and high-stakes tasks. While most professionals would be crushed by this ongoing pressure, craftsmen rise to the occasion with an unshakeable ability to remain calm in the face of challenges. This composure is invaluable in the crucible of the outdoors where emergencies and unforeseen challenges can arise without warning.

They communicate effectively.

Effective communication is one of the many characteristics craftsmen develop on the job site that benefit their lives overall. Collaboration is vital when heading into the wild with a group of friends, family, or coworkers. Clear and ongoing communication can optimize safety, efficiency, and enjoyment by keeping everyone on the same page. Plus, craftsmen will know how to handle disagreements among the group for quick resolutions and amicable solutions.

At times, the job search can feel as unpredictable, challenging, and unwelcoming as the great outdoors. The key is finding a reliable, experienced, and reputable staffing expert to help you weather the storm. At Madden Craftsmen, we specialize in pairing qualified craftsmen with open positions at leading industrial companies. Check out our job search to find immediate openings in your area.

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