Camping Hacks Craftsmen Will Dig

Art 4 Couple sitting in chairs outside the tent L comp

It’s camping season –  and your craftsmen tools can be really handy in the wilderness too! Here are some brilliant ways to use them on a camping trip this summer:

Dry Firestarter

Matches generally won’t light if the abrasive strip got exposed to moisture. The way to ensure you’ll be able to get some fire is to use a sandpaper backup. Even better if you glue the sandpaper to the inside of a small plastic box or container, and store the matches inside to keep dry!


Cooking Rack

Create a temporary cooking rack by wrapping your work belt around a tree within reach of your camping stove. Utilize hooks to hang your camping pots and pans, and you’re all set!


Washing Machine

It’s not easy to wash your clothes while on the road in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, your 5-gallon bucket comes to save the day again! Carve a hole in the top and then insert a plunger handle through it. Then use the plunger to pump some sudsy water when you need to wash your clothes or towels.


Camp Lantern

Wrap your headlamp around a water jug for a quick and easy lantern that can easily light up a tent.


Beercan Popcorn

Put popcorn and oil in a beer can (fill to about ¼ or less), and put it on the edge of fire. When it’s done popping, carefully pull off and cut open can for a tasty treat.


Traveling Tape

You know that duct tape is clutch in the right moment, but you don’t want to bring the whole roll. Wrap it around something else you’re already bringing (a lighter, small bottle of propane, etc.) a few times, so you have just enough.


Leveled Bed

Bring your level to ensure that your sleeping bag and mattress are at the right angle! Good sleep can make your camping trip the most epic ever.