Great Entertainment (and Inspiration!) for Craftsmen

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There are some great television, cable, and now online shows that show off the talent and business savvy of craftsmen around the world. Here are a few to watch:

Dirty Jobs

As creator and host of Discovery show “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe gives the world a closeup view to many interesting and unique occupations that require getting dirty. The show was a huge hit right away, and Mike has also authored 2 books, hosts his own podcast, and hosts a Facebook show “Returning The Favor” that where he gives back to people that have done good things.


Blue Collar Millionaires

Blue Collar is narrated by Tim McGraw and features millionaires that built their fortunes working in blue collar jobs. These million-dollar businesses do everything from make furniture, maintain lawns, own construction companies, and make secret doorways. You can find out more here https://www.cnbc.com/blue-collar-millionaires/



This documentary series by National Geographic features huge construction projects – the tallest, deepest, widest in the world. They go behind the scenes to show you the extraordinary design and planning it takes to build these incredible structures. Find out more here




Also known as “Extreme Engineering,” show host and Architect Danny Forster travels around the world to highlight futuristic and innovative engineering projects. He interviews onsite architects, designers, and engineers to highlight new and interesting construction methods and challenges. The show ended production in 2011, but is still accessible online at his website http://www.dannyforster.com/


Misfit Garage

Hosted by a couple of mechanics from “Fast N’ Loud,” Misfit Garage is a great show if you’re a craftsmen that loves cars. The show features the mishaps and success of Tom Smith and Jordan Butler as they rebuild some of the classics in their newly formed business partnership. The show airs on Discovery Channel, find out more here



How It’s Made

In this documentary series on the Science Channel, you’ll see how everyday items are made. They feature 3-4 items in each episode, including items such as Flying Water Bikes, Leather Basketballs, and Power Steering Pumps. Find out more here https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/how-its-made/


If you’re feeling inspired to do great work and need great place to do it, give Madden a call! We’re looking for talented motivated craftsman candidates just like you.

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