How to Wear Your Carhartt Pants Off the Job

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‘Blue-collar’ work wear such as Carhartt pants have actually become fashionable street wear, especially among millennials. The brand has received so much popularity that it’s common to see a 20-something year old sport a Carhartt beanie in any metropolis area!

The good news for you is that this means you can get double duty, and re wear your pants at a barbecue or urban outing. Just know that you’ll have to make some small enhancements, and we don’t recommend you go straight from the job site out on a date. Dirty pants are never legit off the job, and you should probably shower anyway! Here’s some tips to wearing your Carhartt pants out and about:


Keep in the theme.

One of the biggest advantages to your Carhartt pants, is that they’re durable and versatile. So choose a high-quality durable work shirt to pair it with. This could be a heavy flannel, corduroy, or wool shirt. Untucked is the current trend; just make sure it fits well and isn’t tattered.


Add denim.

Denim is as classic as the twill fabric of the Carhartt pants, and looks stylish on everything from shirts, shoes, and jackets. You can’t go wrong, as long as you’re not choosing some sort of gaudy finish such as an acid or stone wash. Keep it tasteful and high quality.


Roll ‘em up.

Carhartt pants are retro-cool with the pant legs rolled up and a pair of Converse One Star or other trendy sneakers. Combine the look with a hip-hop hoodie and you’ll fit right in at the skateboard park.


Class it up.

A high thread white cotton collared suit shirt or branded polo can deck out your Carhartt’s for special occasions. Just make sure the shoes are equally elegant and you’ll impress any high brow crowd.


Put on a jacket.

Layers of clothing items over the foundation of basic Carhartt pants always works well. Slip on a plaid golfing jacket or Patagonia down jacket over your shirt. Finish it off with a pair of Timberland or RM Williams Chelsea boots, and you’ve got that utilitarian flair that will stand the test of time.


If you’re looking for a new place to wear your Carhartt pants while you’re actually on the job, call Madden today! We work with employers that are looking for talented craftsmen like you.