What to Look for When Searching for a Recruiter


Recruiters are not hard to come by, but like any other industry professionals, some are better than others. Every day the job market becomes more selective, so it is important to find a talented recruiter to guide you along the daunting task of finding a great job. It takes a certain skill set to be a successful recruiter, but there are certain characteristics that set the great ones ahead of the decent ones:

Madden Industrial Craftsmen, leaders in construction staffing in Seattle, give you four characteristics to look for in a great recruiter.

1. Attitude

Job hunting is a challenge, and a recruiter who gets visibly dismayed or is pessimistic will not serve you well. You need someone who is positive, because if they don’t have faith in finding a position, who would? A recruiter who truly listens to your needs will find you the best match, so if they seem too detached from the job search, it is unlikely that you will find success together.

2. Industry knowledge

There are a lot of budding, talented professionals in the recruiting industry, but it is best to align yourself with someone who knows the ins and outs of the companies and positions you are interested in. The longer they have been placing candidates, the more they have learned about the industry and what really makes employers tick.

3. Motivation

There is certainly money to be made in the recruiting industry, but finding someone who is motivated by the challenge of the hunt instead of the paycheck can be an extremely valuable asset to your job search. Someone who is motivated to find you a job that is right for you, no matter how daunting the task, is passionate about their career and is simultaneously passionate about serving their client to their fullest capabilities.

4. Integrity

Recruiting is only effective when the candidate lands their ideal job, so it is important that recruiters stay true to their promises and actually deliver tangible results. Simply landing you interviews is not enough because at the end of the day, there is a huge difference between job searching and job securing. A career is in many ways an extension of identity, and a recruiter who does not reflect your own values will certainly never understand your needs as an employee.

Make an effort to learn more about the recruiter themselves before embarking on the job hunt with them by your side, as landing the ideal job with the right pay can make a world of difference. At Madden Industrial Craftsmen, we value our relationships and work with the utmost integrity throughout the job search process. Contact us today to get started on working with a top construction recruiter!