Tips to Prevent Your Eyewear from Fogging Up

Tips to Prevent Your Eyewear from Fogging Up-cm

Just great! After an hour of prep, you finally started getting into the meat of your project only to have your goggles fog up. Right when you were about to make some headway, you can’t see a darn thing! It’s a common nuisance afflicting all craftsmen at one point or another.

Whether you’re wearing goggles for protection, sunglasses to block the sun, or prescription glasses, fog seems inevitable. But is it? Here, we’ll take a look at what causes this phenomenon and how you can go about preventing it.

Why do my glasses fog up?

You know how water vapors develop on a window when you breathe on it? Well, that’s essentially the same thing happening when your eyewear fogs up on the job site. When water vapors from your sweat or breath come in contact with a cooler surface – your eyewear – condensation results. If you’re working on a particularly humid day, the moisture in the air can pose the same problem. Unfortunately, fog build-up happens throughout the year as your body is constantly producing heat.

How to keep your eyewear clear

Most craftsmen only have one solution when it comes to keeping condensation off their glasses: wiping it away. That’s like trying to fix a busted pipe with duct tape. Sure, the problem isn’t as bad but the temporary solution is short-lived.

Without addressing the root causes of the issue, your glasses will fog up within minutes after wiping them clean. Unless you want to hire a personal defogger to follow you around for the whole day (they’re expensive!), consider following these anti-condensation tips.

Get eyewear designed to limit fogging

When buying eyewear for the job site, choose designs that are better equipped to reduce fogging. Styles that provide better air circulation by sitting far enough away from your face are always a good bet.

Since safety goggles fit snug to your face for increased protection, look for designs with vents for optimum air flow. Safety should always remain your number one concern, so make sure the eyewear you choose is suitable for use in your line of work. You dom’t have to choose between visibility and sprotetion.

Keep your head cool

Whenever you see steam rising from a teammate’s head after taking off a helmet, you’re seeing all of the heat being released. That’s what you’re fighting all day when you can’t seem to keep your eyewear clear of condensation. It’s especially a problem when you’re working for extended periods of time outside.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of accessories designed to keep your head cool throughout the long workday. A hardhat headband can soak up some of the sweat that would otherwise end up as fog on your goggles. If it’s cool enough outside, face coverings can have a similar effect. They’re not recommended for the summer though!

Invest in anti-fog solutions

One of the most effective solutions for keeping your eyewear clear throughout the day is anti-fogging protection. That’s right! There are specialized treatments designed to keep lenses from developing condensation no matter the working conditions. Sounds pretty good, huh?

If you want to go simple, there are vapor-repelling sprays you can apply to your eyewear for a quick solution. If you’re in the market for something more permanent, there are serious anti-fog treatments from popular providers such as ORR Safety. These treatments can be applied to both prescription and non-prescription glasses.

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