The 10 Types of Customers You’ll Meet & How to Handle Them

Monday, 11 March
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Industrial leaders come across a variety of clients over the years. Each customer will have specific focuses, unique goals, and different motivations, which require a tailored approach from project managers. Let’s explore some of the most common client archetypes and tips for handling these characters for more effective project planning.

1.   Budget Watcher

The budget-conscious client is highly cost-aware. They’ve reviewed their budget hundreds of times, and there’s absolutely no wiggle room. These clients are open to affordable alternatives such as low-cost materials, simplified designs, and other cost-saving strategies. Thrifty customers place a premium on value for money, but they’ll be open to hearing about long-term savings. Construction budgeting is going to be your best friend.

2.   Collaborative Client

Some clients see their relationship with service providers as a partnership instead of a transaction. With a firm belief in the power of teamwork and cooperation, these clients stress the importance of communication, mutual respect, and collaboration. Give these clients more input in the decision-making process and ensure their feedback makes it into the project. You might even find these cooperative clients make your job easier!

3.   Time Saver

Sticking to the timeline and stressing efficiency is the name of the game when dealing with clients on a tight schedule. Consistent and ongoing communication is fundamental for keeping these clients in the loop and comfortable with the pace of the project. They’ll appreciate regular updates and realistic expectations. Only agree to a timeline that matches the abilities and capacity of your team.

4.   Green Advocate

Sustainability is priority numero uno for climate-conscious clients. They’re willing to pay slightly more for environmentally friendly materials and less destructive practices. Your job is to bring these ecological options to their attention, explain their positive effects, and convey your willingness to adopt them. If sustainability is already a cornerstone of your business model, showcasing your commitment to eco-friendliness will resonate with these clients.

5.   Perfectionist

Working with a stickler is an excellent test for an industrial company’s quality control. These detail-oriented clients expect high standards even in the smallest details. There’s no trick for dealing with these customers. You and your team have to bring an A-game of precision, accuracy, and meticulousness. Keep an eye out for scope creep or budget expansions from these customers.

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6.   Value Seeker

The value-seeking client is always on the lookout for the perfect balance of quality and cost. They understand the cheapest option isn’t the best, nor do they automatically jump toward the most expensive. These customers appreciate transparent price breakdowns, accurate cost-benefit analyses, and straightforward communication. There’s no need to beat around the bush.

7.   Community-Oriented Client

These customers are always asking how they can positively impact their local community. When you work with community-oriented clients, you need to think big-picture. It’s imperative to highlight how your operations and solutions will contribute to the wider community’s well-being. You can set your business apart by emphasizing local workforce involvement, explaining the economic advantages of the project, and showcasing your support for local initiatives.

8.   Tech Trailblazer

Sometimes, it’s client expectations that speed up the adoption of new technology for industrial companies. These tech-focused clients embrace innovation and prioritize tech-savvy businesses. Keeping these clients satisfied is all about showcasing your latest technological advancements and forward-thinking solutions as well as their most effective and worthwhile applications.

9.   Renovation Enthusiast

Passionate about transforming existing spaces, these clients seek to resurrect outdated structures with creativity and vision. The best way to satisfy these clients is by presenting imaginative renovation concepts, showcasing your successful projects, and emphasizing the potential for dramatic transformations. Stress how your innovative ideas and skills can breathe new life into the old.

10.  Safety Guard

Safety is the paramount concern for risk-averse clients. They potentially worry about everything from budget limitations and schedule delays to supply chain capacity and job site safety. Communication, once again, is essential for addressing these concerns one by one. Showcase your security standards, history of compliance, and risk-management protocols is a must.

No matter what kind of clients you’re dealing with, your craftsman will be the most important asset when delivering a successful project. If you’re struggling to find the right team members, Madden Craftsman has your back. With over a decade of experience pairing industrial leaders with world-class candidates, we know what it takes to build a robust industrial team. Check out our job search to get matched with dozens of best-fit craftsmen.

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